Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photo Op with Dad

This past Monday, the 24th, I had to take Jenna to the dentist that morning. Randy had a little photo session with the quads in the front yard while we were gone.
Tyler, Ricky, and Heath. I wonder what has Tyler and Heath's attention? Ricky is busy picking at the rust in the wheel barrow.

Little Miss joins the crew. Squeeze in everybody!

We're done! Leah bolts. Ricky back to the rust. Tyler and Heath looking very serious.

"This?" Ricky now calls everything "this". Even if its a familiar object and he knows the name, he still is going to point to it and say"this". There's no telling how many times in a day that boy says "this"! Enough to lead me to the brink of insanity! :)

Elementary Awards

On Friday, the 21st, was the Elementary Awards. This was Jenna's last day of school since she qualified to get out a week early. The school applied and received permission from the state to use the last week of school as flex week. If the children had passed all tests (like the TAKS), had missed 5 days or less in the spring semester, and were passing, then they could get out a week early. Jenna, Ashley, and Mollie all qualified to get out early! Proud of ya ladies!

Jenna with her teacher, Mrs. DuBose.

Jenna getting her first award for A Honor Roll for the entire year! She also had perfect attendance!

Jenna checking out her medals.

Jenna and Dawson received Citizen of the Year for Mrs. DuBose's class. I have to brag on Jenna and her grades for the last 6 weeks: LangArts-99, Social Studies-96, Art-95, Reading-99, Math-97, Music-95, Science-98, and PE-100. We are so proud of her!Thank you for always being such a wonderful helper and caring person. We Love You Jenna Bo!

AR Carnival

On Thursday, the 20th, Jenna and many other Elementary children participated in the AR Carnival at the city park. The kids that reach their AR goals (reading program that rewards them for meeting their goals and beyond) throughout the year are then able to participate in the carnival in May. The kids get to run around for most of the day playing games moms have setup, jumping in the jump house, and getting face paintings.

Jenna is really not mad, but concentrating on being still as Joy draws a lizard on her arm.

Face of determination. "I will beat Justin!" Toni and I had the busiest booth, the tricycle races.

And then the happy face! Her legs were just a little long for this tricycle.

Little water gun action at some targets with Emily.

Jenna and Mackenzie showing off their face paintings.
Kristi came with me so the quads could come down and be entertained by all the action. They hung out until nearly 11 and then I took Kristi and them back to the house so she could feed them lunch for me while I headed back to help Toni man the tricycle races. Once again, thank you Sista for your help! Jenna had a good time but was hot and tired by the end of the day. We were all pooped!

Who Dat in the Hat?

That evening on the 13th the quads got hold of the basket that had some hats and toboggans in it. They got busy trying to put the hats on and then running all over the house. Some evenings are quite entertaining when they're in a good mood!

"Yo, Mama! What's up?"

Real men wear pink!

My little superstar and clown of the bunch. He's already practicing hitting those high notes like his name sake (Steven Tyler of Aerosmith) as he's running through the house.

Leah not as enthused as the boys about running around the house with her hat on.

That happy face says it all! It's why I get up in the morning!

Visit with GiGi and PaPaw

On May 13th, we headed over to Dublin to take the quads to see GiGi and PaPaw (Helen and Don McLean), their great-grandparents. It didn't take them long to start checking things out in their yard. GiGi got out a wagon she had for them to ride in. Tyler is helping push and Heath and Leah ride.

Ricky spotted the lawn mower first. He got busy working the levers and anything else he could get his hands on.

Tyler and Heath doing a little steering.

Ronnie (GiGi's brother) and Ricky having a deep conversation.

Tyler spotted Uncle Max's (GiGi's oldest brother) walking cane. He crawled right up in his lap to check it out.

Heath and GiGi conversing over the lawnmower.

Tyler just hopped right into PaPaw's lap too. Still thinking he may end up with his grandpa's long legs.

Ricky and Tyler found the swing around the side of the house.

The kiddos had a good time exploring around the yard and visiting. It was a fun morning outing.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Time in the Sprinkler

On May 4th, I hooked up sprinkler to play in while we were outside watching Randy wash his motorcycle. They had a BLAST! Sorry to say, I couldn't get the video loaded again. I guess it was too long.
Leah is getting squirted by Tyler as she runs by.

I know it's blurry, but I still love the look on Ty-Man's face! I think he had the most fun with the sprinkler.

Heath making a run for it.

Tyler, Leah, and Heath all lined up while Ricky has the sprinkler trying to spray them with it (it was on the clip:(!).

Heath trying to adjust the water.

Ricky watching Tyler shoot himself in the face with the sprinkler. He liked trying to get everyone else wet and slapping his wet shirt (which made a funny sound).

Tyler would stick his face right in it over and over! Then, he would try to drink the water as it squirted him! Such a funny little boy! He just laughed and laughed even when he started getting cold, he didn't care!

Leah, you better watch out! Tyler and Heath are teaming up!

Heath getting a turn at manning the sprinkler.

Heath getting in a shot at Ricky and Tyler.

Ricky says, that's cold!

Silly little peanut had a ball too! She just laughed the whole time running and playing the the water. She will be quite the little fish this summer.

So glad they love the water! Playing in the sprinkler will be a must to keep us cool this summer! More splish-splashing good times ahead!

Swinging and Sliding:May 1st

Randy has added another piece to the fort in the backyard. Someone that Randy works with gave us their swing set and slide set. So, Randy added it to the end of Jenna's by attaching it to the walkway/bridge. It's smaller in scale so the babies can get up there and slide with our help. We're so happy to finally have swings!

No baby swings needed! They have all done great in the regular swings, only a few spills at first. Leah hopped in and was ready to go! It makes her so happy! She'll just sit there and laugh. They are now copying sister and leaning back and throwing their heads back. Makes me nervous that they are going to land on their heads!

Jenna pushing Heath, Leah, and Tyler.

Ricky Roo climbing underneath the new addition. He wasn't real sure about the swings at first, but now likes them also. He has no fear. He'll bail out if he's ready mid swing without any warning!

Isn't he just sugar sweet?! He's Mama's biggest helper.

Want a stick? they are all my little helpers and help pick up sticks. They like for me to lift them up so they can throw them over the fence. Jenna showed them how to also swing on their bellies.

Spider Monkey headed up the ladder. In one of the previous pictures, who can see a Tonka truck hanging on the ladder. We have to block it if there's only one of us in the yard with them. They can shimmy up that ladder FAST! Randy has also added so more boards to block some places for potential falls. Ashley is waiting at the bottom while Heath gets ready to slide down on his belly.

"Boo!" Seems to be her favorite word!

Another fearless one. After Heath figured out he wasn't supposed to stick his head between the steps, up he went just fine!

Making me nervous! Heath ready to head down while Tyler is hanging out waiting to go next.

Wrong way dude! Ricky has mastered walking up the slide. Monkey see, monkey do!

Boo to you too!

Once again, monkey see, monkey do! Now, Heath tries climbing up.

Pile up! Ricky doesn't get it yet that you have to get out of the way when someone is coming down.