Thursday, June 4, 2009

Picture Overload

I love this picture of Ty! That sweet smile and red hair! So Precious!

My grandmother found these onesies for the babies; "Such a big miracle in such a little girl"for Leah

The two bruisers, Ricky and Heath. Their onesies (and Ty's in the 1st pict) are like Leah's but for little boys!

Love this of Heath. Caught him while he was giggling.

Ricky and his Pa on the porch at our house.

That's not the way to sit Ricky!

Both with a death grip on the rail. Ty being awful serious while Heath smiles on.

Jenna was playing with them through the glass door. Poor Ricky couldn't figure out why he couldn't get his mouth on that ball!

Leah with her Great Granny!

If you look closely, you can see Ricky's 2 little white teeth on the bottom.

Our little she-devil.

" Mom, I could use a little help here."

The monkey was on the move trying to crawl up the bouncer, which he did to get his bib off the coffee table.

Ricky sitting pretty with aunt Kristi

Look real close here too and you can see Heath's 2 little white teeth on the bottom.

Kiddos at Jenna's awards assembly. Ty of course thought it be best if he stood.

Emily and Jenna with their soccer tournament trophies. Their team, The Dragons were the runners-up in the end of season soccer tournament for their age division.

Jenna Beth with her awards.

Leah with big sis Ashley.

Ty-man getting a magazine.

Ricky checking out the trash can under the computer desk. Seeing if there's anything he could chew on and destruct.

Kiddos playing after lunch.

There's that adorable face again.

Ricky using Leah as a pillow after he wore himself out tearing up the bag of diapers.

Jenna and Emily freezing on the first day of their soccer tournament. They got to play in the pouring down, cold rain!

Mr. Cool at Jenna's track and field day.

Leah admiring the beautiful little girl in the mirror.

Quads playing at their table at lunch. Love the table!

Ricky petting Sassy. All four of them love Sassy. Surprisingly none of them have tried to pull her ears off yet. Sassy is not the proud mommy of 4 adorable chihuahua puppies. Anybody want one? Some say I need to put a sign up at my house saying "don't drink the water". Who knows how many kids you'll end up with!

The girl can run! She's a fast little thing! Grease lighting!

Jenna being a little mama. She wanted to dry them and dress them after I finished their bath.

Pretty blues eyes showing us how he's learning to sit.

The onesie says it all.

Heath and Ty arm in arm. I believe Ty was actually trying to steal Heath's rings.

Our precious little one. Such an innocent face here. She sometimes likes to pere under her bumper to see what's going on.

Heath happily playing at the table.

This was too funny. The star dances and sings "twinkle twinkle..." Ty grabbed it up and started hugging it and wouldn't let it go!

"This looks like something good to chew on."

Jenna reading to the babies after their baths were done. She's already loving the idea of playing school with them when they get older.

Are those little horns sprouting out of my angel?

My happy boy 99% of the time. He's such a ham!

Sorry for the picture overload! I wanted to finish sharing pictures from the end of April and all of May. I take to many, but can you blame me?! I took over 300 in the month of May. Yes, I know, a little much. I hope you enjoy them, I know I do and actually had a hard time not putting anymore!