Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Monday morning Kristi and I decided to take the quads to Wal-Mart for a little shopping. This was their first trip to Wal-Mart! Once again they did awesome and we survived! It was quite easy actually! We put the quads in one basket and a 2nd basket held everything else we needed. the morning time is the best time to go when their is no crowd. I think the babies enjoyed their new adventure!"Where are we going??" Heath and Ricky trying to stand up in the basket. They were all wondering what the heck I had stuck them in when I first put them in it.
Tyler and Leah sitting back taking it all in.

BUBBLES!! The kiddos were in awe of all the stuff on the shelves. They did alot of pointing and oohing. We only went down a couple of toy isles because who knows how long we could have been stuck there!

Still taking it all in. Heath's is so excited!

The balls!!! this picture cracks me up because its like Kristi is showing a bunch of puppies a new ball! "See the ball. Watch the ball. Do you want the ball?"

We headed over to the clothes because Tyler needed a pair of pants for Easter. Ricky decided he would grab him a pair of jeans while we were there. The others all had the beauty care products to hold onto.

Easter isle! They liked looking at the stuffed bunnies and other animals, eggs and Easter toys. Ricky was trying to push my basket from theirs.

Freezer Section! Tyler, Leah, Heath, and Ricky helping us look for a smoked turkey for Nana.

Leah trying to crawl in! Heath says, "COLD!!"

Checkout time!
Heath is helping Kristi checkout.

Now Tyler and Heath think they need to play with the keypad.

Everything went good, got a little whiny when we started to leave but then they fell asleep on the way home. That wasn't so good because they still had to eat lunch before going down for a nap. They ended up not taking a good nap at all much to my surprise after the morning adventure (darn it!). But all in all it was a good day! Now I know I can conquer Wal-Mart with quads!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sweetness or Meanness??

I think Leah was actually being sweet, at first. The kiddos were looking out the window at the birds when I came walking in from their room to find Leah with her arms around Heath and laying her head on his. As much grief as she gives him she should show him a little love every now and then! Then, they all started taking turns hugging and kissing each other, except Ricky. He wasn't interested in partaking in their hugs.

Heath was giving Leah a hug and the was tickling her and patting her on the back.

Then, Tyler decides he will show his sister a little love too. Leah is actually loving it!

Then Tyler was hugging Leah from the back and then rolling over on top of Heath!

Oh He-Man! Here's he's showing a new way to wear your pajama top. He decided during breakfast that he needed to try to take his shirt off. Well, this is as far as he got and then ran around the house until I could catch him to get him changed! These days he thinks his burps and toots are quite funny! Yes, he's all boy! It's funny how these manly characteristics develop at such an early age! :)

Easter Egg Hunting: Lesson 1

This afternoon, while outside playing, I decided we would work with the quads on hunting Easter eggs. I had bought them little buckets at our local Dollar General about a month ago. Gotta love the dollar store! Heath was the first to be interested and get the hang of it.

Ricky getting Aunt Kay to help him put an egg back together. That was his main focus, open the eggs. The boy already knows there's supposed to be something good inside!

Tyler finding a blue egg while Sassy looks on uninterested about the whole process.

Now, Leah has the hang of carrying her bucket around too and got busy collecting eggs.
Heath would carry his bucket around and get eggs, then put the bucket down and go grab a handful. Then, we would also take eggs out of someone else's bucket.

"I don't see what the big deal is about carrying this bucket around. I just want the goods inside the eggs!"

Tyler decided he would use a bucket too.

Leah had to stop and watch Jenna and Daddy jump on the trampoline.

Ricky getting a better view from standing in Jenna's old baby doll stroller.

Tyler decided he needed 2 buckets for his eggs.
Oh what fun is in store for all us next week! I can't wait! I just love watching them figure out something new and fun!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cameron Park Zoo

WE DID IT!!!! We finally went on our first family outing! On Friday (3-19), we all loaded up and headed to Cameron Park Zoo in Waco. We thought visiting the smaller zoo would be best before tackling the Fort Worth Zoo. The quads were GREAT!! No one cried or through a fit! Heath whimpered a little when we went into the reptile house, but it was dark and warm, probably a little scary. As soon as we got out he was a OK! All 8 of us had a good time and enjoyed the day out together as a whole family. Yes, we did get stared at and had some comments (none ugly though). The best comment was when we stopped to have lunch. I was feeding the quads in a corner away from others when another mom stopped to ask if they were 2 sets of twins or quads. When I told her they were quads she said, "Good for you for getting out with them!" It was nice to her a little encouragement/praise for venturing out with them. They were truly wonderful and couldn't have asked for a better day! Tyler and Heath as we were headed out.
Ricky zonked out pretty quick for a power nap.

Tyler and Heath holding hands and playing tug of war with the pacifier.

Our first stop were these Gibbon monkeys. As soon as they started talking, the babies were "ooing " back at them.

Leah pointing to Randy the big turtle.

These turtles were so cool! There was three Galapagos tortoises that you could get right up to. they were walking right in front of the stroller and stretching out their necks to eats the grass in between the posts. The kiddos really liked watching them too.

The alligator smiling for the camera.

The Big Sisters: Ashley and Jenna

All 6 kiddos plus Dad as we stopped to look at the bears.

We snuck the stroller inside one of the huge tee-pee they had set up over by the buffalo's.



and Bears... Oh My!! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

This big orangutan was also fun to watch. He was playing with a sack on his head. He also came right up by the window we had the quads pulled up too. He had to come check out our set of monkeys too!

Jenna doing a little "monkeying around".

And she's out! One minute she's awake, the next she's out for a power nap!

Mama plus 6 as we get to the end of our journey at the zoo.

Tyler happily playing with the Pooh book with his Duckie on our way home. He didn't pass out until we were about 30minutes from home!

Ricky and Leah. Leah never went back to sleep when we got in the car. Ricky took another quick nap and then was up all the way home too.

Heath was out first, but didn't last long either.
I know not every outing will be this good, but it was sure nice to start out that way! Now we know we can handle it, it can be done!!

1st visit to the park

On Thursday, we took our first trip down to our local park. Kristi got off work early so Mollie and her friend Kelsey and Kristi came with us to the park for a little different scenery. They didn't know what to think when we first got out of the car, but then they began to explore. They really liked the merry-go-round. This one used to be at the elementary when I was a kid.
Ricky checking out some other kids playing on the swings. He's ended up being very shy around new faces.

Tyler taking it easy in the swing.

Heath also enjoying the swings and watching others play.

Ricky liked standing on the platform that went to the small slide and tried to climb up to the bigger one. he could get a pretty good view from here. He really didn't care for the swings this first time.

Leah joining Ricky checking out the next level.

Mollie and Tyler on the see-saw.

Most of all the loved the sand! We will have to get our tire refilled with sand for them to play in at home.

Leah loved swinging! She would just giggle every time you pushed her!

Ricky spreading sand around on the merry-go-round.

Heath playing in the sand over by the swings as Kristi keeps an eye on him.