Thursday, March 18, 2010

These Boots Were Made for Walking...

On Tuesday, Tyler found Randy's boots in the closet and was trying to put them on. So, we decided everyone needed to try on Daddy's boots! Is this not precious!!! I just adore this picture and the one like it at the end! Heath is the most loving one of the bunch! He will give hugs and sugars to all of his siblings even when they are mean! (you know I'm talking about Leah, don't you...hehehe!)
"These are pretty cool! Now how am I supposed to walk?"

"Yep, pretty good fit."

"If I hold my hands out like this, I sure can keep my balance!"(Look at that cute little grin!)

"What did you stick me in these for?!"

"Yes, Sir. That's a pretty good fit."

Brotherly Love!! Makes Mama's heart melt!

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Shelley said...

Too cute! I love it too when the triplets hug & kiss! We need to get our kids together sometime! Have you been to the bounce house in Stephenville? They have a toddler area & the triplets loved it!