Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Jenna!!!

My baby girl turned 8 this past Sunday, the 7th. How the time has flown by! She wanted a flip flop birthday cake which I happily made for her! I think is was one of the easiest I've done so far! She has 4 friends over Friday night for a slumber party and then family birthday on Sunday.
First I took the girls to Jumping Party in Stephenville. They had a huge slide, it went all the way to the ceiling! The girls LOVED IT!

Grace, Jenna, and Savanna shooting some hoops.

Grace headed up the rock wall.

Jenna headed down the slide again. It was hard to get a good clear picture of them coming down with my camera:(

After the Jumping Party we headed over to Chile's for supper. From left to right: Sage, Savanna, Grace, Jenna, and Emily. We had a great night out!

Jenna opening her gifts from the girls after we got home.

Jenna with a nose and face full of butter. Your probably wondering why does she have butter all over her face? Old family tradition that you get your nose buttered on your birthday. I believe it was started by my great grandfather, Chas/Charlie (I think) Arendt (Pepaw/H.C. Arendt's Daddy). It's always fun to see who's going to be the sneakiest to get the buttering done! It usually always gets a little messy!

For some reason, still not sure why, Jenna wanted to stick her face in the cake?.

The girls sporting the flip flops that I finally got the ribbon tied on well after midnight.

Sunday morning, Jenna opened her presents from us with a little help from her brothers and sister.

Heath helping get the corner started for Jenna.

Ricky handing her the next part of her gift. She got a Nintendo DSi for her birthday.

Jenna quite happy over the Super Mario Bros. game.Love to see that happy face!

Leah thinks the case is great to cut teeth on while Tyler reads up on one of the other games.

After lunch we had the other flip flop and sang Happy Birthday some more! And more butter!

Ricky being Mr. Helper.

Jenna showing off her new outfit Nana and Pa got her. Tyler was very intrigued by the ruffles on her pants!
It was a busy but fun weekend which always goes by too fast!
Jenna, we love you, are proud of you, and couldn't ask for a better sister!

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Margie said...

Tina, the buttering of the nose for birthdays came from Grandaddy Jim Caldwell. Nobody could tell me where he got it from. I asked Skeeter, Birdie, Mollie, & my Daddy.

Love the pictures. The quads are growing so fast. Hope to see y'all at the Caldwell reunion in April.