Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Powder Problems

"You deserved it." Well, that's what I heard from a friend when I was recapping another powder incident from that morning. I had gotten back from the store where I had bought a new bottle of baby powder. Well, the babies are always wanting to carry what's in the sacks and I didn't see any harm in giving Tyler the bottle of powder to carry for me to their room. WRONG!!! Tyler preceded to use his 7 little teeth to pry the top off the powder. And into the living room floor in was dumped! Smart move Mama! I holler "Oh Tyler, no!"he drops the powder and takes off! Well Heath and Leah decide they want in on the fun and help spread it around before it gets cleaned up. "Ohhh Mama!"
Let's just say Heath smelled good for quite some time!

Heath and Leah"helping" sweep up the powder into the dustpan.

Heath was "helping" me clean up the powder.

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