Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Beautiful Day

Last Saturday, the 13th was a beautiful day! The kiddos love being outside any chance they get and will stay as long as you let them. So after nap we grab our snack and juice and head outside until supper time for them. Tyler taking a break from sweeping for a devious grin. Wonder what's on that boy's mind?!
Ricky practicing catching bugs with his bug net Aunt Kristi bought them.

Miss Pris sporting pig tails today. You never know what this little girl is scheming!

Heath has decided to dig himself a hole in the house with his new shovel, also from Aunt Kristi.

Are you sticking your tongue out at me boy?! Tyler is making his way up onto the tricycle to he can play with the bell. Leah watching and doing a little sweeping.

During Randy's day of yard cleaning he came across some worms at the bottom of a leaf pile. Heath was very intrigued by the squirmy thing in Daddy's hand and not the least bit scared!

"See, look here Ricky. Dad says we use these things to fish with."

Now Tyler and Leah coming in for a look.

When Randy dropped the worm, Heath picked it right up! I wish I had had my camera handy today! We found a frog in the back yard! Leah was the first to pick it up! They had a ball poking it and holding it. I was afraid they were going to squeeze a little too hard or pull one of his legs just a little too much. Randy rescued him and plopped him over the back fence to make his getaway.

Here's goes the monkeys again! The ladder to the swimming pool from last year had been turned on its side until Randy had to move it to mow and move some other wood and plumbing pipe. Mr. Ricky decided it looked liked something good to climb up! And that he did many times until I moved it over the fence! He was none too happy that I took away he ladder! Not far behind is Heath who also will end up trying the steps but at least he didn't get all the way to the top!

The red-headed spider monkey made it to the top in no time also and then was trying to figure out how he was going to step across to the other step!

The little table also looked like a good place to climb up for these two!

Now Heath thinks he'll do a little raking.

Leah says to heck with yard work! She'd rather be playing and jumping on the trampoline!

At the end of the day after supper, Randy took the kiddos for a wheelbarrow ride.
Tyler looking pretty serious about the whole thing. Not to sure what to think about it yet.

Heath and Ricky having a ball!

Leah joins in with puppy passy in tow.

Now all four for one last trip around the yard. Leah looking a little sleepy with her lovey at her side too now. As you may have noticed no one had a shirt on! After we got in the house they wanted them off before supper which is fine with me because that's one less stain I have to squirt!

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