Saturday, October 31, 2009

Look at our New Do!

One day while I was at work, my niece, Mollie, decided to spruce up the babies hair dos.
It first just started with our little rocker, Steven Tyler. But then Ricky sat and watched while she fixed Tyler's hair and he started playing with his. So she spiked his and on down the line!

I was just about crying from laughing at this picture of Heath! He's got the 50's curl going on. His only long hair is right on the top of his head.

Ricky's got the greasy hair look going on.

Another laugh until I I cry picture. Leah's hair spiked perfectly into a mohawk, with squinty eye grin-priceless!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Teenager: Ashley

Miss Ashley turned 14 on the 2nd of October. We can't believe that she'll be a freshman next year! Don't we feel old! But we are very proud of her! She's a wonderful daughter and great big sis! Ashley at our house waiting for some of her girlfriends to come over before the football game.

Ashley is a Jr. High cheerleader. The girl stays super busy with tons of activities: cheering, cross country, basketball, track, one-act play, and student council, and band.

the 8th grade cheerleaders: (lt-rt) Ashley, Kelsey, Faith, and Julia

Mollie (on lt), and Kayla watching Ashley blow out her birthday candles with Ricky.

Ashley after Jenna buttered her nose. Its a fun family tradition that was started many moons ago by my great grandparents. On your birthday, you get your nose buttered!the fun part is trying to sneak up on the person and then of course smear it on their nose and face!

I made Ashley a cookie cake for the big day.


My kiddos think it's fun to throw things out the windows these days. On nice days I've been cracking the windows to get some fresh air in. I can't open the windows very far because the screens pop loose when the babies push on them so I'm afraid one will decide to fall out. And also because they are throwing things out the windows for fun! Anything is game. If they can get it through, out it goes!

Heath is my main culprit. As you will see in the last picture, he got things through the window while I was in the middle of changing diapers.

Ricky is one of his little helpers. Out the cushion for the little rocking chair goes!

Are you helping Tyler? Leah squatted down out of the picture, but she throws her fair share too!

The Evidence
The boy (Heath) was fast this day. Like I said, in the middle of changing diapers, he went to work! I never saw him with any of this except the diapers! Still not sure how he squeezed the ball popper through without making a racket! I couldn't find Ricky's pants, they were outside too! Everything is fair game!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Monkey Business

Tyler is our little monkey. Also known as spider monkey too. He's quite comical and you'll never know what you may find him doing or what he's crawled into or up on to. Here's a new use for the little people container. Also may be worn as a hat or at times helmet for protection from other siblings.

Had to stop and take a rest while working on his little car.

Trying out the baby cradle.

First he was just sitting in the bottom drawer which I keep pot holder, towels, and kitchen rags. He decided it would be best for him to stand so he could reach a few drawers up and help himself to some other kitchen utensils.

He used the little Tonka truck/push toy to crawl up into the rocker. But he got a little ticked when he couldn't figure out how to get down.

Most of the time he's just hanging from the side of the playpen. This day he thought he would be best if he pushed the box up and used it as a step! What a smart boy!

He's standing in the little Tonka truck backwards.

He thought the shoe box would work great as a hat! Silly boy!

First we dig into the piggy toy box. then....

We flip into the piggy toy box!

Rubber duckies make great chew toys. He usually has this little stuffed worm/snail thing Jenna gave him off of one of her baby dolls toys hanging out of his mouth. But today, the ducky will do.

Master climber into things also. He decided he wanted to sit in the bumbo that's in the bottom of their closet.

Master climber into the walker, backwards of course! Leah thought she would help out and push him around.

Tearing up the phone book while he sits a top another basket of toys.

Standing on the boxes in their closet. If he could get a leg up, he'd be on top of the 2nd one!

It's never a dull moment around here! If it gets too quiet, you'd better start counting heads!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

13 months-Sept picture overload

September has come and gone, quicker than I would have liked. October is a busy month around here, tons of birthdays and anniversaries. Sorry I've had the don't want too's and some days just too dang tired to want to even turn the computer on! So let's catch up!

As soon as I got Ricky's diaper on, he got it right back off while I was changing another. Ricky and Tyler like trying to crawl back into the bumbo.

The kiddos digging in one of my cabinets while I try to finish up supper for the rest of us. Whatever works!

Yes, that's Jenna underneath Ricky and Tyler. They were "dog piling" her.

Leah climbing out of her caboose trying to get to Heath.

Love our new find! Thanks to my triplet mom friend, Christina who found this gently used choo-choo- wagon through her yahoo group. The babies love it! Heath is the most animated. He claps and will throw his hands up in the air as we make laps around the yard.

Basket Buddies. not really. Tyler decided he needed to join Leah in the basket. This was pre-fussing, the fight ensues shortly.

2 Peas in a Pod too. Lately if one is in a basket then another is going to try to fit in there with them. How these 2 managed to get in this little one, I'll never know. As you can see, Ricky couldn't quite fit his other leg in.

Here's my first to walk! The whole month of September, Ricky has gradually stood longer and taken more steps each week. I finally caught him for a moment standing like a big boy.

Aren't those some super sweet smiles?! Tyler and Heath playing before morning nap.

I see you!! Kristi caught Ricky peering out from underneath Tyler's bed. Leah's behind Ricky and the box of diapers.

They like crawling underneath each other's beds, giggling at each other, already playing a little game of hide and seek. Aww the moments when they are all getting along and playing good together.

Let us in! Here I caught Ricky, Leah, and Heath smashing their faces up against the laundry room door as I was starting another load. I need to catch a picture of them at the front door, even better faces.

Leah is helping Ricky get his froggy socks off.

Another past time these days, climbing in the pig toy box. Then toys come out and they go in!

Big sis Ashley lining up the little people and farm animals for them to knock down. Destruction, another favorite past time of the quads.

Heath cruising with his sandals on. I've been trying to put shoes on them more since they never wear them. Heath is very flat footed which causes his feet to roll in and then they turn out to help keep him balanced. So our ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) physical therapist hopes that having the shoe support will correct it. If not he may need insoles or little braces for a while. The last day of the month, Heath started taking 2-3 steps.

Heath's bare bum first thing in the morning. I guess he got tired of that wet diaper. Thank goodness there was no other surprises for me in his bed!

Ricky has a new nickname: Brutus or Bruiser. He's also taking after Tyler and started climbing up on things more, like these boxes!

Sunday is homemade roll day at Nana's. The babies go into attack mode as soon as she pulls them out. Can blame them, its my great grandmother's recipe...MeMaw's rolls, the best in the world!

Heath with the one puppy we kept out of Sassy's litter, Sam. Both of them crawled up on the bean bag so they could get a better look over the recliner.

Brutus in a box.

All four playing nicely, for a minute at one of their activity tables.

Ricky peering under the door at Sam. Instead of playing footsie, they play hands and paws.

Sept. 1st Heath started getting in his 5th tooth and all waved bye to Kristi after she kept them for the day so I could work. Leah began standing on her own a little on the 2nd and by the 5th she was also taking 1-2 steps with Ricky. The next week I started trying to put their shoes on more especially Heath. Ricky hated it the most. He didn't want to stand up or even move! Heath had a followup MRI of his head/brain on the 11th. Everything came back PERFECT!! THANK YOU LORD! He also had 2 more teeth coming in, making his total now 7!. By the 3rd week of September, Ricky figured out how to make his shoes squeak. Our friend Kassi gave them all squeaky shoes for their birthday. He rocks up and down on his heels to get them to squeak. By the 19th Tyler started letting go and taking a few steps. He'll just all the sudden let go and lunge at you or stand up in the middle of the floor and take 1-2 steps. We got our first round of flu shots on the 21st. Leah didn't cry until the boys started too. On the 24 th we noticed Ricky's 8th tooth coming in. And by the end of this week Heath is getting braver, pishing your hands away while he stands. And by the 30th he started taking 2-3 steps too! I get a kick out of the kids mimicking each other when they are sitting at their table. Usually Heath or Leah starts clapping 1st them they all join in. So we sing s song or do pat a cake. they love it when randy throws our comforter and pillows in the floor. They roll around and just laugh! Simple pleasures! Ricky has gotten to where he hands me his bottle when he's through. I swear, it sound like he says "thank you" sometimes too. Ty is doing more monkeying around, that comes in a whole separate post. Leah and Heath are now joining in on dancing. Leah is like a little grandma, she barely moves, just at the knees squatting up and down. Instead of hand jive it's head jive with Heath. He nods to the music. Everyone is giving us"5" and waving bye when they want. We're working on more table/finger foods. Leah is being Miss Picky still. I', working a day a week right now which adds to the busyness. Lots of chasing going on around here, but loving every minute of it!