Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Teenager: Ashley

Miss Ashley turned 14 on the 2nd of October. We can't believe that she'll be a freshman next year! Don't we feel old! But we are very proud of her! She's a wonderful daughter and great big sis! Ashley at our house waiting for some of her girlfriends to come over before the football game.

Ashley is a Jr. High cheerleader. The girl stays super busy with tons of activities: cheering, cross country, basketball, track, one-act play, and student council, and band.

the 8th grade cheerleaders: (lt-rt) Ashley, Kelsey, Faith, and Julia

Mollie (on lt), and Kayla watching Ashley blow out her birthday candles with Ricky.

Ashley after Jenna buttered her nose. Its a fun family tradition that was started many moons ago by my great grandparents. On your birthday, you get your nose buttered!the fun part is trying to sneak up on the person and then of course smear it on their nose and face!

I made Ashley a cookie cake for the big day.

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