Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ashley's High School Pep Rally Sept 9th.

There's that Freshman cheerleader!

Cooper, Micheal (I think), work on helping get the crowd going for the pep rally.

Ashley and Kelsey.

Two students participate in a race. This week was a carnival theme.

Ashley and Caela doing a cheer.

Now she's dancing!

Cute isn't she?!

Now what?

Let's throw Kelsey up at least once!

"I Wanna be a Cowboy Baby" Sept. 9th

Ricky loves wearing Jenna or Randy's boots. He can walk around in Jenna's alot easier so that's the closet he hits first!

'I borrowed me a hat from Daddy."

Don't you just want to squeeze his cheeks!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TP fun 8-24

I took Ricky to get his diaper changed and I thought to myself, "Its too quite." And, "Oh no, I left the door to the bathroom open!" Leah and Heath had decided to work on unrolling the brand new roll of toilet paper! Ricky helping me inspect the mess. As you can see, there's not one piece left on the roll!

Leah trying to ignore me and distract me to the old hand rale.

Heath sitting by the potties blowing his nose on toilet paper he has shredded.

Ricky sits down to see if he can help out while I snap away! After blowing his nose, Heath would put the paper in the potties!

Ricky trying to get Heath with the Handy Manny pliers.
And yes, I saved what paper I could and just draped over the holder!

Aug 21st: 2nd Birthday Monkey Party!!!

Here's the cake that my sister and I constructed!Yes, there's 5 little monkeys in stead of four. Jenna is the monkey peeking over the back of the bed!

Ariel shot.

"Oh Geez!" This just might be Ricky.

This would be Tyler sprawled out on the bed!

Heath with Leah wrapped around his leg.

I think we did a pretty darn good job thank you very much!!

Ricky decided to try out one of the horn blowers.

Jenna trying on a monkey hat.

Kiddos playing with the balloons before we got to opening presents.

"I wonder what's in there?" Heath eyeing the presents from the Wagner bunch.

Tyler working on his soccer skills.

Heath being very animated about the balloons.

Leah laughing and all smiles.

Show Mommy how old you are Roo. "Two"

Roo being a little shy and holding onto me for dear life.

Heath with his balloon.

Tyler squatting for a break. No, not a potty break!

Quads starting on their presents.

Loving paper and bows!

Tyler and Heath showing Granny and Chuck one of their new race cars from Toni's bunch.

Leah likes the new sparkly pink shoes that Toni picked out for her.

Ashley caught texting by Mollie.

Ricky getting Mrs. Cecelia to help him get the bulldozer out of the box.
You better have a screw driver, scissors, and a knife to get toys out of their boxes these days!

Ricky needing some more help.

Tyler stops working on a truck to see what someone else has found.

I', trying to get the peg boards and hammers unwrapped before they all wig out on me!
Jenna coming to lend a hand.

Dad coming into help too.

Now I'm working on Handy Manny's tool box. I have myself a bunch of handy boys and girl in the house!

Heath checking out the new jumbo blocks. Kristi found the ones like we used to have at church when we were kids made out of cardboard. LOVE THEM!

Heath already working on the ambulance.

Ricky sneaking over to try a take a picture with Kristi's (aka Dee-Dee)camera.

Tyler showing Miss Eva his cool dump truck.

Kristi showing Leah how the new baby jumps when you hold her hands. The boys even liked this!

Leah waiting patiently as Kristi gets her tea set out of the box.

Heath hammering away!

Singing Happy Birthday to our 4 little monkeys!

Monkey #2

Nana helping Ricky with cake.

Now he's tasting one of the monkey's ears.

"Hey, that's pretty good!"

Ricky Roo now giving the monkey "sugars".

"Now let's pull off this ear."

"Here Heath, you have some too."

A good time was had by all! Just can't believe its already been 2 years since we were blessed with the fab 4! They are still are sweet blessings from Heaven!