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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quadruple the Love

These are the pictures Anna Belew, the managing editor of the Hico News Review, took for her article and for me. She did an outstanding job on both the article and pictures. I will get the link to the article, she posted it on her blog. Can you guess what the birthday party theme was?

I was amazed the babies sat long enough for us to get a group picture. It's not an easy task these days.

Ricky Shane

Ricky being all serious.

That sweet face and beautiful crystal blue eyes.

Heath Allen
This boy is always so happy and smiling.

Is that not an angel face or what? Wonder what he's thinking?

Steven Tyler

My little rocker with his wild man hair.

Sweet and precious too.

Leah Grace
She's been sticking that tongue out from the start!

She's got a sly smile. Always wondering what she's plotting next.

Our peanut, our little princess!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Quads "Birth Day"

I've been meaning to write down about the day the quads were born ever since they arrived. The day plays like a movie in my head till this day, especially lately. I'm truly amazed that they are already going to be a year old. It seems like just yesterday that this wonderful journey began. This year has been nothing but a multitude of blessings. From the moment I found out I was pregnant with four, their birth, their hospital stay, and life at home had been one answered prayer after another. It's only by God's amazing power that these four precious gifts are alive and thriving.

I had not felt good the day before thee babies were born. I chalked it up as not sleeping well and just being pregnant with four babies. But at about 2am it all began. I woke up soaked. I thought either my water had broke or I had just wet the bed since I finally had agreed to take something to help me sleep. I called the nurse to come investigate. She did 2 nitrizine test strips to see if it was amniotic fluid. Neither one gave a true positive result. So I went back to bed. Te rest of the night I slept very little, back was hurting some. By a little after 7am when the next shift came on I told the tech when she came for my vitals that I was having some cramps and what had happened the night before. She went and got my day nurse. When she came in, I gave her the run down of my night and she believed my water had broke. She went to call Dr. Tabor. One of his partners, Dr. Thigpen was already making rounds so he told them to get me on a monitor. I had gotten up to go to the bathroom while the nurse had gone to call Tabor. Now I saw a smear of blood. I'm beginning to get scared, because I knew I was in trouble,I was in labor. Dr. Tabor was there in minutes and checked my cervix. I was dilated 4-5cm and having contractions. He looks at me and says it looks like we'll be having the babies today. We would try to stop the labor but would probably have a stat section soon. He looks down for a minute and then grabs my arm and tells me there's a 70% chance of survival, that everything will be normal. Yes, its better than 50 or nothing but I still didn't like those odds. Not my babies. I was supposed to make it to 30-32 weeks. God and my body had other plans. Dr. Tabor told them to get me to L&D and give the max dose of Mag. Mag is a med to try to help to stop contractions but makes you feel absolutely awful! He asked how soon Randy could be here. He wanted him there stat in case the section was a go. I grabbed my phone and somehow got his cell called because he's already at work. I'm crying trying to tell him what was going on, that the babies were coming and he had to get here now. He tried to comfort me and tell me everything was going to be OK. So he bolted. He drove like crazy to get there in the pouring down rain! At this point there are tons of people in my room loading me up to get me downstairs. Then there were tons in my room in L&D putting in IV's, starting the Mag, drawing blood, putting a catheter in, and I'm laying there crying pretty much non stop. In between crying and organized chaos, I call Kristi to get Jenna, call Mom and get to the hospital. The Mag took me through the ringer but was doing the job, the contractions were slowing and about gone. Tabor came back in an hour to check me again (he had to go to another section while they worked me up). Contractions were stopped but now I was dilated to a 6! and bleeding. It I might be having a placental abruption! He wants to go now. I call Randy and he was less than 20 minutes away. He got there, changed and we headed for the OR. During all the craziness , my nurse in L&D, Stephanie was wonderful. I was blaming myself and why I didn't realize it sooner. I was blaming myself and that my babies could possibly not make it because I didn't react sooner. Nurses are awful patients, too much denial, and chalking symptoms up as nothing. She reassured me it was nothing I had done. God had decided that they would be born today. So in we went. I got on the OR table and got my spinal. Before Tabor left the room to scrub I asked him if he sewed good. He reassured me he did. The nurses took the camera to try to get some shots of the babies after they were out. Randy had the video camera. I'm trying to be a little more upbeat(it might have also been the drugs). I made sure they did the timeout before they started. A "timeout" is a step we do before you can start a surgery. Being an OR nurse I was trying to be helpful and participate. I also told everyone in the room to not contaminate the back table! And the section began. They had 2 baby warmers and crews set up in the OR and 2 more set up next door in an adjoining OR. The room was pretty small so no room for 20 plus people, 4 babies and supplies needed for each one, 4 warmers, transport incubators, not to mention the usual OR tables , anesthesia, etc... Its a very weird feeling the tug and pull when he was getting the babies out. At 11:01 Ricky Shane made his entrance, 11:02 Heath Allen was out, also sliding in at 11:02 was Steven Tyler, and Leah Grace at 11:04. She was being stubborn. Tabor had to T my uterus so he could reach up higher to get her out. I thought he was grabbing my throat from inside me! Very wild feeling him dig around for her. She wanted to stay a while longer! They were all intubated and stuck inside the bags that the ambu bags come in to help keep them warm. Very interesting I thought. They stopped as they rolled them out to head to Cook's. Harris was full so all had to be transported to Cook's NICU. I later found out that they first thought they were going to have to put 2 babies at Harris and 2 at Cooks because they were both full. But Cook's said no they'd make room and take all four, they didn't want to split the babies up. Thank goodness! After being sewed up, cleaned up it was back to recover in L&D. I started getting the shakes from the spinal so they gave me some demerol to help. Everyone was there waiting. We started deciding who would be named what. Leah Grace was a sure thing and first born was Ricky Shane. Heath and Tyler took at little longer. I had come across Heath when trying to find a name to go with Allen, a family name on Randy's side. Then came Steven Tyler. After all I had been through it didn't take too much convincing to name our third son what my sister and I had campaigned for for months. The babies were no longer just A ,B, C, D, they had a name.

Randy took Jenna between 1&2pm after they had time to get the babies set up so she could see them. They were all doing well and about to try them on bubble c-pap and off the ventilators. Dr. Tabor about to put the drape on to begin the c-section.

C-section started, people waiting for the babies.

The 2nd room set up with 2 more baby warmers, transport incubators and needed supplies.

The nurses, respiratory, neonatologist also had 2 set up in our OR.

Baby A: Ricky Shane McLean

Baby B: Heath Allen McLean

Baby C: Steven Tyler McLean

Baby D: Leah Grace McLean

I started bugging them when I was still in recovery when I could go see my babies. They said it wouldn't be until around 11-midnight and that I would have to have my PCA pump d/c'd before I go go to Cook's. I told them I didn't care they had to take off the pain pump, I was going to see my babies tonight. I had to lay eyes on them tonight. So back upstairs I went. I stayed pretty groggy and out for quite a while. It was a good thing because I couldn't imagine what a basket case I would have been. Finally around 11, 11:30 they came in to take off the pain pump so I could travel the corridor over to Cook's. Getting out of bed was no fun task or the ride in the wheelchair. We headed through the corridor that connects the 2 hospitals. Into the NICU we went. We began our routine of scrubbing and gowning up so we could be near our little ones. They were spread out the first few days. They were so tiny. Ricky's right eye was still fused shut when he was born. So beautiful, so precious. They were already having to put Ricky back on the vent for a while and Heath was soon to follow. They would put them on a while to let them rest and them try the bubble c=pap again. But after a couple of days they were back to the vents for the long haul. They were so small but such amazing fighters.

I had the babies on Monday and stayed in the hospital until Friday. Everyday with the four is a blessing. They had a rough start but have continued to amaze us all. They are each so wonderfully and perfectly made by our Creator. I'm the Type A control freak who has to everything just so, my way. God had to deliver a big blow for me to realize that's not what was going to work. I had to turn it all over to Him. Yes, I still worry and fuss about things but I have a peace knowing He's in control and supplying for all our needs. He has done that time and time again this past year. Prayer works, we're proof that it does. Philippians 4: 6&7 "Don't worry about anything; instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for what he has done. then you will experience God's peace which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. Like the little onseies my Granny gave the quads: Such a big Miracle in such a small little girl and three small little boys. I am so thankful that I have four small miracles to love and hold everyday. Happy Birthday Ricky, Heath, Tyler , and Leah! Your Mommy loves you more than you'll ever know and grateful that God chose me to be your Mommy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August Picture Overload Part 1

Leah and Heath having a good ole time crawling under the excersaucer.

The quads having some elbow macaroni in a bowl.

It at least started in the bowl.
Sassy waiting to do her share in helping to clean up.

HE-Man standing tall. He's now pulling up on everything.

Leah's 1st ponytail compliments of her cousin Mollie.
Can you see her 2 new toothies?

Tyler helping Daddy finish his fudge pop. Dude loves the chocolate already.

Daddy gave Ty a new do. The spiky rocker look.

I didn't do anything! Honest.

Jenna with an up close of Leah smiling with her passy. Eyes are looking a little tired there girl!

Tyler wondering what's going on in there? Mrs. Cecilia was vacuuming the rug and Ty wanted to see!

Tyler needing some lovin from his Mommy at the end of a long quad day. Yes, I chopped all my hair off again! Love it and got it colored up something nice today too! Short and spiky so no one realizes when I've been pulling my hair out on any given crazy day.

Bright eyed Leah. Love that smile, its addictive!

Ty, Jenna, and Leah. she was giving them a ride on the bean bag.

Mornin Mom. How bout a dry one and then a big bottle of milk?. Oh yeah there's a nice BIG surprise waiting for ya too.

Please, no pictures so early in the morning. It's too bright! Heath's bottom toothies a shining.

Rough night Leah?

Daddy is now letting us have pancakes! Talk about good!

Leah, Heath, and Ty getting a ride on the beanbag from Ashley.

On the first of August, Ricky started waving bye-bye. He doesn't do the full arm wave like most little ones do, but just his hand. Leah also said "mama." The next day Ty started waving bye-bye and letting go of the table some when he was standing and Leah like to put her hand over her mouth and go "ya-ya-ya." Ricky has also been letting go and standing alone and even takes 1-2 steps and then lunges at you. Ricky also whistles! I know its not on purpose but its still the cutest thing! He a lot of times puckers and blows. and one day, out came a whistle! Ty this past first week has also getting some rhythm. When I play the star that sings twinkle-twinkle or the spider who dings itsy-bitsy spider, he starts a moving to the beat. The little white boy has rhythm! By the end of the week, around the 8th, Ricky joined in with the dancing. Heath has finally decided to go to a sitting position from crawling. He also started on Sunday doing the "ya-ya-ya" but by rubbing his mouth across his arm, or yours instead of using his hand. Nice and slobbery! Tuesday he started clapping too. On Sunday I thought he was finally going to crawl full time up on all fours. But no, he still like to get down and commando crawl some too. Leah does the same thing. I think sometimes their little knees begin to hurt on the hard wood floors. Poor Ricky has calluses on his already! On Monday the 10th we took them to the doctor because I was being on the cautious side. they had been running low grade fever and some messing with their ears which they never do and being quite fussy. So I figured it was either their teeth or maybe ear infection. No ear infections for anyone! Being a little overprotected is never a bad thing! they got weighed while we were there: Ricky 20 1/2lbs, Heath 18lbs, Ty 16-4oz, and Leah 16-5oz. Next week we have to go back for 12month shots. Uggh:( Not looking forward to it at all!I've been busy trying to plan their first birthday party and get everything in order. I know I should have started before last week, but I once again was in denial that it was already time to celebrate their birthday! So much to do and so little time. A lot of more late nights coming up! (Oh, well, I never get to bed early anyway.)

Bath'n Beauties

Can't help but love the babies in the bath tub! Heath and Leah chewing on dixie cups.
Leah not letting go of her cup.

Heath standing when he should be sitting. Everyone wants to stand!


Wildman not so sure about hood on his head.

You are NOT getting my duckie! Ty holding onto it for dear life.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Play'n in the Potty!

The little Rickster likes playing in the potty! We have to keep our bathroom door shut so he won't get in there but when it's bath time in Jenna's room, he thinks its fair game! It's so fun to splash in the water!

What?! I didn't do nuthin!

Shutting the lid doesn't help.

Quick looking at my Bum!!

The joys of little boys! It's a whole different world!