Monday, August 3, 2009

First Haircuts for Ricky and Ty

The quads didn't know what to think when we first got to The Barber Pole. They watched closely as another man was getting his hair cut.

Now Daddy and Ty get their cool dude cape!

Hey?! What's going on up there?! I wanna see!

Look at that cute little smirk! Ty sat so still after we got his attention elsewhere. his hair wasn't quite as long as Ricky's, but close! There's no worries about getting Ricky and Ty's locks that I kept mixed up.

I think he kinda liked getting his hair cut! He smiled the whole time!

Handsome little devil!

Ricky's Turn
Ricky wanted to know what in the world is she doing to my head?! Melinda's first piece off Ricky's head was at least 3 inches long!! The boy had a serious rug going on up there!

We're still sitting pretty still. Now he doesn't know what to think about this things wrapped around him. Where the heck did my hands go?!

Starting to get a little wiggly.

He's being such a good boy! Just a little more...

We've been meaning for quite some time to take Ricky and Ty to get their haircut. It was time to try to tame the wild and crazy and get it out of their eyes. So we put the quads in the stroller and walked downtown to The Barber Pole owned by the sweet Melinda Wallace. Randy gets his haircut here and is truly like an old barber shop. We thank you Melinda for doing a great job! Also loved the first haircut is free! Poor Heath still doesn't have enough to get cut. He has just a little piece in the front that's starting to get long, but we decided to wait until its a little longer.

And Wa-La! you can see my eyes better now! There's no hair in them! It immediately changed how he looks. Such a handsome little guy! Mama's little sweet thang!

Don't you just wanna kiss those sweet cheeks?!

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Jen said...

Too Cute!!! They are getting so big!:):)