Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Picture Overload

Jenna and Heath, first trip to church.

The boys hollering at me since they are now banned from the kitchen and can't get back to sister's room unless its bath time.

Little monkey hanging his feet through the bars. Brandy, another quad mom, gave us this onesie with monkeys on it. Perfect for Ty-Man.

Rub a dub dub, we're all in the tub! It didn't last very long because Ricky was the first one who didn't want to sit still. Then Ty and on down the line it went!

Leah standing up under the dining room table being her silly self. Its amazing something so little can be so loud!

Something so simple is something so fun.

Let me have one of those lids.

Me and my boys.

Ready for nap Ty-Man? They love to lay on pillows.

Lunch time faces. This day everyone made a mess.

This is actually a little cleaner than Leah usually is.

Tyler, not too bad.

Here we go. Heath enjoys shoving his entire bib in his mouth after he gets a bite. Which then makes a even bigger mess!

Ricky was helping rub his food all over his face this day. He felt like wearing it more than eating it which is highly unusual. He was already getting sleepy and rubbing his eyes.

Beep! Beep!

Leah likes Jenna to push her around the house in the baskets too. Ricky is tagging along trying to help.

Get your bo-bo out of my way brother! Its just easier these days to strip them down and put them in the pool. They like being naked anyway.

Quads ready for their morning walk. We have to hurry before it gets too hot!

Who needs a haircut?! Ty with Mollie. He had some really wild hair after nap.

Ricky looking a little rough after waking up way too early from his nap.

Leah managed to get in the basket under her bed. It was fun trying to get her out of it too. It kills me how they can get themselves into some of the places and predictiments.

Leah in one of the basket of toys. This has been a favorite thing to do these days, climbing in and out over and over. She get pretty ticked if anyone else tries to get in too (usually Ricky).

Our first trip back to church. We've been twice so far. The babies did great and hardly made a sound. Ricky and Leah were the big wigglers. I only get to go when I have enough hands to hold them all and keep them occupied.

Jenna feeding the quads mac and cheese. They come a running when they see her with a bowl of it these days. She's a good sport and shares with them.

Randy pitching to Jenna at their softball tournament. the Dad coaches told the girls they would wear purple socks too if they made it to the playoffs. the guys looked awful cute with their knee socks on! Way to be good sports, Dads!

That's just watermelon juice on the boys bibs. They love to eat or should I say chew and suck on the mesh bags. I put either watermelon or cantaloupe in them. I forgot to get their clothes off this time before I gave them the suckers. BAD IDEA. I did alot of rewashing and stain treating after this. Watermelon and cantaloupe juice is soooo hard to get out of clothes!

My Miracle Doctor

Dr. Tabor with the quads. this is the first time he's seen them all since I delivered. Such a sweet end to such a roller coaster ride!

Cheerios with Daddy. Something else they flock too. They line up and wait their turn for a cheerio. Some are more patient than others.

Ricky helping with the dishes.

It's my turn to get up there now!

Containing the children for a bit. Leah having a bad hair day.

I'm quite proud that I actually got more than one post done before the end of July. I hope or will strive to keep the blog better up to date! I wasn't crazy, Heath is saying bye- bye and waving bye. He does the whole arm wave. He'll tell you all the time now. Ty got his 2nd tooth in on July the 27th. It's also on the bottom, front-right one. Ricky has decide to start letting go and either will lunge at you or takes 1-2 steps. We're going to have a walker before long! Leah is letting go a bit but not as much as Ricky. Thank goodness we got the other gate up! Now we have to start moving things up higher out of Ricky's reach, he's a couple of inches taller than everyone else. Busy times but good times!

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