Saturday, April 25, 2009

April Activities

This month has flown by us. Today is Monday the 27th, so it didn't take me too long to finish this one. We've been running to Dallas on a weekly basis which has made things even more hectic! So these past few weeks I've sat down long enough to pay bills and scan through emails. I didn't even do our taxes until the week before they were due! Heath got his band a week later than Ricky because he had to have a CAT scan before they would make it. All was fine with his little skull, but the owner/designer of the bands made his band herself due to it being more of a special shape. He's also done great. We're already seeing changes in both boys. I have pictures in a separate post of them all painted and decked out!

Here Heath is getting his on for the first time.

I caught Ty peering over his bed one morning when he's supposed to be napping.

"When God made me He was just showing off" I couldn't pass up these onesies that I found at Dollar General in town. God gave us four precious miracles! So yes I think He was showing off!

Heath enjoying chewing on Randy's string on his hoodie. All the babies have been gnawing like crazy, but no teeth have poked through yet. Ricky especially has been a slobbery mess! His face stays so wet that he's started getting a rash on it. Poor boy. Some days I wish they would go ahead and get at least one tooth, but then I dread having 4 teething babies all at once. Those won't be good times!

I love the pictures of sleeping babies with their hiney's in the air. This is Ty,if you can't already tell by the red hair.

Jenna and Ty snuggling up together on the couch.

I got my pictures out of order! This was supposed to be after the pictures of Randy putting the table together! I made a note to self this day: quads love to listen to Jenna read.

Ricky and Heath going after the dangling monkey. The babies are starting to take toys away from each other now. And if Leah gets close to one of the boys or lays a hand on them, they start whining or crying. Better toughen up boys!

Here's the pictures of Randy putting the quads table together. Some super sweet family on the Arendt's side pitched in at Thanksgiving and ordered us this table. Thank you Maxwell clan! We love and appreciate your gift soooo much!

Legs on, now the seats and the belts.

Finished product, ready for feeding time!

Heath liked sitting in it. When he's in the tub or in his boppy pillow, he's really started trying to lean forward to sit up. He likes banging things on the table.

Ricky playing with the rings and hoarding the burp rag to chew on.

Ty grabbed another burp rag and book. Not so sure about the table at first. Don't think he liked the safety belt.

Leah happily playing with her rings.

Bibbed and ready to eat! I've been having to put a bid on under the plastic ones when I get ready to feed them because they still seem a little big. And of course the baby food ends up all over their face especially when they try to eat the bid! They've done really well with their veggies and fruit. Why do the orange ones have to stain so bad?!

I love their little feet dangling! they look so tiny!

Leah fits nicely inside Randy's softball glove.

Camo Cutie

8 month olds with their BIG Sistas

Ricky and Heath with Ashley, Tyler and Leah with Jenna

Ricky crashed on the quilt after finishing his lunch bottle. He especially has gotten to where he doesn't take a very long nap in the morning.

Leah rolling around in her bed when she's supposed to be settling down for nap. The girl goes from one end to the other in the crib. She talks and what I call "grouches" while in her bed. One minute happy babbling and the next hollering like a little wild cat. She's so funny how she cuts her eyes and gives you a sly smile when you catch in a predicament like this.

Softball season has begun. This is Jenna's first year of coach pitch softball. Their team name is "Bling". Jenna has already given Randy a hard time because he has to wear a "girls shirt" since he's helping coach. We just call him "Mr. Bling". This is Daron in the picture, he's the head coach.

Missy Messy. The girl is quite a challenge to feed. Most of the time she's clamping her mouth shut or when you do get it in she spits right back at you. So a whole lot of it ends up all over her and her bid.

But then here she is looking so sweet and innocent...when she's asleep!

Little Ty-Man. Such a sweet little face. Now that we've upped his Prevacid to 1/2 tab in the morning and a whole one a night he's eating so much better and puking is about down to zero! His whole face lights up when he gets to smiling.

Kristi feeding the kiddos their cereal and fruit on Friday morning. she came to stay so I could go to work. Ricky is zoned in on Randy taking his picture. He's gotten to where he's do this little holler or cough at you to get your attention if its on someone else at the time. He's quite the ham. He's been a good eater. For the most part you can't shovel it in fast enough.

"What are you staring at me for?"

Heath also mesmerized by the camera. Got a little on your cheek their son.

Ty saving a little there on his chin. Must have slept pretty hard, the hair's a little wild.

Other tidbits from this month: April 2nd: Ty rolled from is back to tummy. April 4th: Heath rolled from back to tummy. April 11th: Ricky rolls back to tummy. April 23rd: Leah started making new sound, breathing fast in and out of her nose while poking her chin out and sucking in her bottom lip-too cute! April 25th: Heath found his feet but can't get to his mouth yet, that big belly gets in his way! Leah is really rolling all over the place! she easily gets off the quilt or ABC mat on the floor. Alot of times she's just turning in circles looking for something to entertain her. The 3 boys are moving around too, she's just alot more mobile. Leah, Ty, and Ricky are starting to get up on their knees and hands..crawling position! Won't be long and we will be all gated up to keep them contained. Heath I think is just being a little lazy. He happily rolls from back to front and vice versa chewing on toys. He'd rather be jumping or you helping him sit up. No one is sitting up yet, but I don't think or hope it won't be too much longer. Everyone had been healthy. Ricky had some allergy issues at the beginning of the month when the weather was changing at the wind was blowing us all away. Had to get a prescription decongestant and it finally cleared up. We thought we might be out of quarantine at the beginning of April, but that didn't happen. Dr. Ong, our pediatrician thought it would be best to wait till the end of the month, first of May since some flu was still showing up and a little bit of RSV. I'd rather be safe than sorry, so we were OK with it.Cook's NICU reunion is May 3rd. We're excited about seeing our friends and people we consider like family now. We got the runabout stroller all cleaned up and ready to go. I've taken the kiddos out once by myself so far for a walk. Doesn't look like we'll get out much this week due to the rain. That's OK, we need the rain. Going to the reunion will be our first adventure . I got to start somewhere, but just a little stressed about getting them for an extended amount of time (how much stuff we'll need to bring along and how many people will want to touch them). I think we'll start trying to take them to a softball practice or game next. We have been so blesssed that they have been so healthy, don't want to mess it up now!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Band of Brothers

Phase 2: All stickered up! Yesterday afternoon Jenna and I got their bands finally decorated. They both have a football theme and a couple of fish stickers (Jenna added that since Dad likes to fish). Now I have to put another coat of sealer to help keep the stickers on. Heath is making his silly little face. He tucks in his bottom lip and sucks on it.
Phase 1: Finally got their bands painted and sealed. Not so easy when you are supposed to have them on 23 hours of the day! Few little oops, but for the most part turned out OK. Heath's is shaped so much different than Ricky's. The owner of the company made Heath's herself since it is a more specialized shape. They are both already having noticeable improvements in their head shapes. They look like little wrestlers!

Ricky and Ty with their arms locked while Heath gets smacked in the face by little bro. Silly boys!

Ricky and Heath hanging out, doing some jumping before lunch. they both have done really well since having their bands on. They don't seem bothered by them at all. Occasionally they find the Velcro on the side and play with that, but that's about it. you talk about some stinky heads though! Yuck-o! Heath's is the worse!


My Easter bunnies. Ricky, Heath, Ty, and Leah. I couldn't help myself when I found these bunny ears at the dollar store! Since we were still quarantined and couldn't get out, I had to do something at home! they were good sports about their photo shoot!

Jenna all dressed up on Easter morning before church. She even let me curl her hair!

Isn't she beautiful?!

The babies in their new stroller that I found for a good deal on Craig's list. Now I can take them walking by myself!

Colton holding Leah!

And she's off!

Clayton spying a few eggs.

Leah was cracking up and loving that balloon! Cassidy would hit the balloon up to her and she would just bust out giggling.

Uncle Bud and Tyler. I think he was fixed on Aunt Barbara trying to get a picture of him with his phone.

Jenna stopped to check out what was in her eggs at their 1st grade Easter hunt.

Hop! Balloon races doing the bunny hop. This picture cracks me up. I was surprised I actually caught her in the middle of her hop. the kiddos played a few games after their hunt and lunch. It was a fun afternoon.