Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My Easter bunnies. Ricky, Heath, Ty, and Leah. I couldn't help myself when I found these bunny ears at the dollar store! Since we were still quarantined and couldn't get out, I had to do something at home! they were good sports about their photo shoot!

Jenna all dressed up on Easter morning before church. She even let me curl her hair!

Isn't she beautiful?!

The babies in their new stroller that I found for a good deal on Craig's list. Now I can take them walking by myself!

Colton holding Leah!

And she's off!

Clayton spying a few eggs.

Leah was cracking up and loving that balloon! Cassidy would hit the balloon up to her and she would just bust out giggling.

Uncle Bud and Tyler. I think he was fixed on Aunt Barbara trying to get a picture of him with his phone.

Jenna stopped to check out what was in her eggs at their 1st grade Easter hunt.

Hop! Balloon races doing the bunny hop. This picture cracks me up. I was surprised I actually caught her in the middle of her hop. the kiddos played a few games after their hunt and lunch. It was a fun afternoon.

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