Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More March Picts.

Heath trying to figure out what his sister is doing. She's so entertaining!

Ricky is tired of gnawing on his hand. He'll try Heath's now.

Ty takes a break from kicking to look my way.

Ricky playing on the floor after his breakfast.

Leah and Ricky playing. Leah already kicking her socks off and working her way off the quilt.

Jenna and her big bubbie (that's what she calls all the boys) Ricky.

Ricky with his cool, new DOC band. It didn't bother him a bit when they put in on!

Leah with her little hat that my friend Susan from work gave us. Isn't she sweet!

The kiddos listening intently as Jenna plays the see and say for them.

Here's pictures of the babies room. We were moving them today into Jenna's old room since she is in the new addition. I couldn't remember if I put pictures up after all was finished. So what the hey, here they are! Thanks again to all the wonderful gals at work who came and painted and decorated for me while I was in the hospital and driving back at forth to see my little ones. And to all in surgery who chipped in the the bedding and accessories, paint, diapers, for everything you did! We love you guys!!!

The oh so cute clouds the girls painted in the sky light for the babies to look at.

Over in the right corner is the awesome shelf that my friend Vicki had her husband make for the babies. Isn't it absolutely perfect!! Thanks again Tony for building this for the babies. I don't know what we would have done without it! Your a very talented craftsmen!! and the girls did a fine job painting it and finding baskets for the babies things.

Aren't they precious! I wish I knew what they were thinking. They always loved sleeping right up against each other. Too bad that brotherly love won't always be this good!

Heath craning his neck to see what I am up too. Can't sneak up on the boy! How I love that smile! It just makes your heart melt!

I caught the two holding hands one morning. Or did Leah grab hold and won't let go?

Another picture I love. I caught this one the day before we moved the kiddos into the other room and put Leah and Ricky in separate beds. They were crowding each other and finally needed their own space. but I caught them happy together waking up from a nap.

Ricky had got the most beautiful blue eyes! Their such a light blue, I hope they don't change! He's always such a happy baby! these days he's a slobbery, happy baby!

Ty jumped himself to sleep!

Little Leah asleep in her swing. Found a few fingers to suck on.

Look Mom there's a picture of a cat!

Leah and Heath both a little zoned out. I think the TV has caught their eye. They all like Micky Mouse Clubhouse.

Zonked out!

"Hey Ricky, do you see those babies in the mirror? where did they come from?

Had their bath and ready for a nap! Yeah!

Ty with another sweet smile. His whole face lights ups when he smiles.

Heath couldn't keep awake for cereal! He was so sleepy!

Well once again I started this the day after my last post and finally getting it posted today, APRIL the 20th!! I hate getting behind! Only new thing that happened at the end of March was that Ricky got his DOC band on the 27th. Heath didn't get his because they decided they wanted us to get a CAT Scan to check his suture lines on his skull and they really wanted it by the end of the month. Hello? I only had Monday and Tuesday of the next week to get it done! But it all worked out and got it done Monday morning. Everything was fine but they just wanted to make sure so the band wasn't wasted if he couldn't wear it right now. Those are high dollar "football helmets" so it all worked out. I also started adding fruit and veggies at then end of the month. What a mess! they would rather eat their bids and smear food everywhere, but their getting the hang of it. Now its time to catch up on April!

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