Saturday, October 25, 2008

McLean Blvd

Well this will be a marathon post. I have fallen 2 weeks behind. So this goes from 10-13 till this am. I started back to work last week, and now each day is either work or to the hospital. I meet myself coming and going and hope I go to work on the right day! So by the time I get home in the evenings we're trying to find something to eat or go to Nana's for supper (THANKS MOM!) and then I crash with Jenna in her bed a view hours before I get up and pump and go crawl in my bed. So I'm actually going to get this written this morning while Jenna is at mini cheerleading camp if it kills me.

Monday 10-13, Jenna came with me to the hospital since they had a day off from school. Their weights and lengths as of the 13th were; Ricky:weight: 5lbs. 5oz length: 16.34 inches; Heath: weight:5lbs 6oz length:16.93inches; Ty: weight: 4lbs 15oz length: 16.93inches; Leah:weight:4lbs 7oz length: 16.54inches. Ricky and Heath had their repeat head sonograms today to followup from the last one. All was normal, no worries!! No change in their feed amounts today. Ricky still on 2L/nc, Heath on 1/2L/nc, Ty off O2, and Leah is on 1L/nc. Leah bwas little blah today, not as perky as usual, so they checked her hematocrit to see if she was anemic and a CRP, it checks or picks up on if there's an infection in their system. Her hematocrit was a little low at 29.6 . The poor girl needed to poop! which I think was her main problem. If they get too backed up they start getting symptomatic (need more O2 when eating, desats more, doesn't eat well). Jenna loves to fix their beds when she comes to visit. Today she changed all their bedding and color coordinated their blankets and their sheets to a T. It's so sweet because while she's changing it and I'm holding them, she'll talk to and say for example, "Ty, Sissy is changing your bedding for you." It's so adorable and loving. Another thing that cracks me up is that Jenna is my own personal cheerleader when it comes to me having to go pump to express my breast milk at home. I usually tell her I'm going to pump in case she needs anything and she breaks into a cheer that the cheerleaders use during the football games, "Pump, Pump, Pump it up!" Thanks Jenna for your support and for the laugh!

Tuesday 10-14, was my first day back to work. My first case was assisting on a 4 hour parathyroidectomy with Dr. Frazier. All in all the day went good, they went easy on me. It felt good to be there with my surgery family again, but still hard to not be with my babes! All the babies got their feeds increased by 2cc's today. Leah got her iron increased and got another suppository to help her poop. Ricky was turned down to 1L/nc of O2. Ricky, Heath, and Leah nippled every other feed and Ty 2 out of 3 feeds were nippled. Leah got big results with the supp. which in turn she perked up more today.

On Wednesday, 10-15, I was back to see the babes bright and early! Randy came with me since it was his day off. I was asking Dr. Levy how he was going to send them home, as one gets ready or 2 at a time, etc. He said he wouldn't hold one up to come home to wait on the others. He looked at Ty and said, "may 1 1/2 -2 weeks." I said, "from my due date?" "No, from today." I was a little surprised to hear that, but glad to know we're getting close! Leah got her 2nd suppository today to make sure she was good and cleaned out. She also was started on Zantac 2mg every 8 hrs because we also believe she's having reflux issues which is also affecting her O2 sat, making her drop during her feeds.

Thursday 10-16 the babies were all switched to open cribs!!Ricky, Heath, and Leah were also switched from the blended O2 to just the wall O2 hook ups and on the lowest at 1/16 L/nc. I got to breastfeed all 4 today and they are getting better at it. Leah is the champ breastfeeding for 20 and 30minutes. Heath is the laziest right now. He gets comfortable and crashes. Can't wake the boy up for nothing. I got to hold all four today! It was so much fun and felt so good to have them all together again! They loved it! I had to sign consents for their 2 month shots , 20 of them! Today was also my niece, Mollie's 13th birthday. Happy Birthday Girl!!

Friday 10-17, they babies are now 35 weeks gestation. I had to work but Randy was able to go see them. All were doing great. Leah is feeling so much better after starting her Zantac. She's now eating as much as the big boys, 45-50cc! Today they were trying her on room air. Heath and Ricky still at 1/16/nc.

Saturday10-18, Jenna and I headed up for a visit. Randy staye behind to help out at the workday on the room addon. Leah lasted about 18hours on room air but them had to go back on 1/16 L; no big deal we just try again another day! Leah, Ty , and Ricky breastfed good today. Heath is till the sleepy one. Heath christened me today, the first of many to come! Jenna did a wonderful job again today with their beds. Leah was changed to nipple 2out of 3 feeds today and had to have another suppository. the dr. says don't worry that she's having to have help so much, very common in preemies. They got their vaccinations today! Lots of squealing going on! But they all did well, didn't cry for long. they got Tylenol for 24 hrs so that made me happy.

Sunday 10-19, was my sister, Kristi's birthday. No I won't divulge the number! Here's weights and lengths as of Sunday the 19th: Ricky: 5lbs 13oz 18.3 inches long; Heath: 5lbs 15 3/4oz 18.7 inches long; Ty: 5lbs 4.14oz 18.5 inches long; Leah:4lbs 12.2 oz 18.5 inches long. they tried to wean Ricky and Heath off the O2 today, but didn't want any part of it. So back on the wiff of 1/16 and sats right back to 100. We're going to have to trick them to get them off. They took Leah off at midnight and was still off that afternoon. Ty still doing good off O2 also. Ricky is at 50ml every other feed nipple, Heath 50cc every other feed nipple, Ty 45ml nipple every 2 out of 3 feeds, and Leah45-50ml and changed her to nipple every feed this afternoon. Ashley didn't get to come visit since there was a virus circulating in her house. Mollie came with us and got to hold everyone.
I had to work both Monday and Tuesday, which was hard not seeing the babies 2 days in a row! I was stressin by Tuesday because I had not had any physical contact with them! But, I know the nurses were loving on them for me, thanks Lisa, Elizabeth, and Shayla! Leah went back on O2 at a 1/16th and backed her down to 2 out of 3 feeds. Turning off her O2 and increasing her feeds at the same time was a little much for her. Ty was switched to every other feed since he had some desats and brady's with his feed today. Ricky and Heath were both lazy eater too this am. They all did better in the afternoon and night feeds.

Tuesday 10-21, working, and needing a baby fix! Randy and my brother in law, Brad, have been bustin their butts working on the room and bath to get it ready to be tape and bedded and texture. All the boys are still nipple every other feed and Leah 2 out of 3. Leah hit 5lbs 1oz today!!They were good, sweet little ones all day.

Wednesday, 10-22, I headed out bright and early to see my little ones. I get there by or as close to 9 as possible to do the 9 o'clock feeds. When I'm there, I now breast feed all the times they can nipple feed instead of a bottle. Great bonding time for us all. I love this time I have with them! All the boys still nipple every other and Leah went back to nipple every feed. they took Ricky off his O2 yesterday since most of the time he had it in his mouth or up on his forehead and satting high 90's to 100. He did have to have it on when he nippled, but then right back off when he was done. Heath was off his O2 this am doing good. he does desat a little with his feeds, so we can use O2 with him also. All of them breastfed great today. Heath is still poky but he hit 6lbs 2oz today!Ricky is on his tail at 5lbs 15 1/2 oz. I was talking to Dr. Levy about anything special I needed to make sure I had before they got home and his response was, "beds". I told him well of course and I wish they could co bed here because that's what they'll do at home. The nurses said they hadn't been able to co bed babies so a while, but Dr. Levy said we could and he wrote the order! Yeah! They are so happy together in their beds! Their temperatures and their Sats are better. they may whack each other now and then, but doing good!

Thursday, 10-23, Ricky and Ty are now nipple every feed, same as Leah. Heath is still 2 out of 3, but hopefully will change in a few days. The kiddos had their 3rd eye exam today. All the boys came back at stage 0, normal and will follow up in 9 months. Leah had a stage 1 on her left eye which is mild, so he'll recheck her in 2 weeks or before she goes home. Last night Shayla had them all dressed in there pumpkin outfits after their baths. So we had to take group pumpkin pictures again! they are soooo adorable!!! I love it that they are now getting rolls on their little legs! Randy and Brad worked till 4:30 this morning finishing up so because the tape and bed guys were coming at 8:30. Way to go guys!!! Awesome Job!!

Friday, 10-24, so sad because I had to work again! Busy day too. Randy went to love on the kiddos today. Ricky was still 5lbs 15oz; Heath 6lbs 3oz; Ty 5lbs 7oz, and Leah 5lbs 2oz.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pictures 1st of October

Granny and Ricky Ty

Leah had another layer of clothes on under her sleeper so she couldn't bend her arms

Ty-check out his strawberry blond hair!


I don't know why I can't remember to turn my picts! Ricky with his wild man hair.

I love this picture of Heath! Don't you just love those cheeks!

Ashley, Heath, me, Ty, and Jenna

Ashley holding Heath

Jenna with Ty

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Little Pumpkins

Well once again I've fallen way behind on posting. So this one will go Friday, 10/3 through today, Sunday, 10/12.

On Friday, Randy was off and able to go with me to see the babies and help feed. Everyone took all of their first nipple feed, slowly but surely. Everyone but Ricky is on nipple feeds 2xs a day. Since Ty had been pulling his nasal cannula out of his nose and wearing it down by his mouth or pulled up in his eyes with his sats still in the 90's, they decided to d/c it. they ordered we can put the o2 back on him if he needs it while he eats. Saturday (10-4) was a busy day for the babies. they had lots of visitors. The morning started out with MoMo, Randy's mom and then Kristi, me, and the girls got their right around noon. We fed all the boys their bottles and then I was able to try to breastfeed Leah since she was so far the best at taking her bottle. She latched on for about 3 minutes and then she took all of her bottle. Their nurse, Cindy, helped us taken some cute pictures with the girls holding Ty and Heath. and then I got to hold Ty and Heath together. We had alot of fun with them. Then, Nana and Pa, my parents came up that afternoon. Heath was working on sucking his thumb today, little toot. So we wore them out and they were pooped the rest of the evening and Sunday. These were their weights and lengths as of Sunday 10-5-08: Ricky: 4lbs. 9 1/3oz, length: 17.32inches; Heath: 4lbs. 12 1/2oz, length: 16.93 inches; Ty: 4lbs. 3.7oz, length: 15.94inches; Leah: 3lbs. 12.6oz, length:16.14 inches.
On Sunday they upped Leah to nipple every other feed, Heath & Ty nipple 3xs a day, Ricky 2xs a day.

Monday (10-6) was my birthday (we're not going to mention how old). So "Happy Birthday to me, I have 4 sweet babies." This week, I decided to leave earlier in the am so I could try to get to feed everyone at least once or more. I haven't mentioned lately how much the babies are eating. (An ounce equals 30ml/cc.) On Monday Ricky was at 39ml, Heath was taking38ml, Ty got 37ml, and Leah was at 30ml. They stopped adding the beneprotein to Heath's milk today. Ricky was still on 3L at 30% on his nasal cannula, Heath was down to 0.25L/NC at30%, Ty was still doing good on room air, no help needed except a little during feeds, and Leah was on 0.25L/NC at 30%. All were nippling pretty good, taking all or usually close to it. they all will desat at times while they eat. Their still trying to get down sucking, swallowing, and breathing routine. the sucking and swallowing reflex doesn't develop until around 36 weeks. The babies are only at 33weeks at this point. So some days we do better than others.

On Tuesday (10-7) the quads had their 2nd eye exam. There's this little retractor that is used to hold the eye open while it is being examined. We use the same type when we would do cataracts in surgery. Well, I just took a quick glance when they were doing Heath while I was feeding Ricky. Not cool. So obviously, I didn't watch. they were all squealing when it was there turn. bless their hearts, they get their eyes dilated and then the retractor put in and they don't get any block like adults do for cataract surgery. the exams totally wiped them out for the rest of the day. None of them bottle fed well after that. But after it was all said and done, there eyes looked great! The eye doctor, Dr. Packwood, said they all had normal development for their age. They had improved since their 1st exam. He said he would recheck them again in 2 more weeks just because of their age, being so early. Leah was desatting more today with her feeds. She was getting tired out from nippling every other feed and she was constipated.

Wednesday (10-8) we had our own little pumpkin patch! Elizabeth , their nurse on the night shift had gotten them all decked out in their pumpkin onsies I had bought and the little pumpkin hats my Aunt Barbara had sent. Elizabeth had also coordinated all their bedding, Halloween of course! They were so cute. It was a wonderful surprise for me. One night the nurses also made them signs with their names for their beds and they lined up their 1st teddy bears on the shelf above their beds. They do try to make things as homely as possible for us. They are all so sweet and enjoy loving on our babies too! Ricky had his oxygen turned down to 2L/NC at 25%, Heath was changed to 1/2 L at 21%, Leah's was bumped back up to 1/2L at 40% since she seemed to need a little more, and Ty was still off the O2. Leah also had her nipple feds backed down to 2xs a day since she seemed to be tired out and dropping her sats more when she ate. Randy changed Leah's diaper, it was the first of all of them! Ty and Heath had the hood lifted on their warmer's today. It's a trial to see if they can hold his temp in an open crib. Leah finally pooped after getting a suppository. All the kiddos had their hearing test today and PASSED!!! One more thing accomplished and prayer answered!

On Thursday, 10-9, That stopped adding the beneprotein to Ty's milk. Their feeds were :Ricky 41ml, Heath-40ml, Ty-39ml, and Leah-33ml. Leah's sats were better today after she cleaned out her gut. The nurse practitioner said I could start trying to breastfeed the boys once a day and decided to wait on Leah since her sats have been up and down. I tried Ricky and Ty today. They both did pretty well for their first time. Both latched on for about 3 minutes. I didn't try too long so they wouldn't get tired out. It's funny watching them trying to figure out what to do, but they get the hang of it.

Friday, 10-10 the baby's were at their 34 week gestation mark. They stopped their caffeine today and they did well keeping their heart rates and sats up. Leah had her warmer hood opened at the beginning of the night shift and Ricky's was the beginning of the day. They all have been holding their temperatures . Sometimes the nurses put an extra layer under their sleeper to help out or an extra blanket, but its going good. Today was also report card day for the first 6 weeks. Jenna made all A's and had perfect attendance. They had a little awards program that afternoon to get their certificates. Then for a treat we went to Stephenville that afternoon so she could go get her nails painted. She came out with bright yellow fingernails and pink and black zebra striped toes!

Saturday, I headed up early to help start feeding the babies. The boys were changed to nippling every other feed and Leah switched back to 3xs a day. The beneprotein was taken out of her milk today to see if that helps her from getting constipated. I hope it works. I got to breastfeed all the boys once and they all latched on from 3-5 minutes, which is fine for being so young and still learning. They had lots of visitors again today. MoMo, Nana and Pa, Granny, and Jenna all came for some cuddle time.

Sunday we stayed home because I was exhausted. I had things to try to get out of the floor in my bedroom and the baby's room, laundry, and try to get this blog updated! Leah's sats were going up and down again and they had to stop her nipple feed and gavage it instead because she was dropping too low. So today they got a chest xray to make sure she hadn't aspirated. It was fine, no aspiration but she did have dilated bowel show up because once again she hasn't pooped in days. I've been on poop patrol all week trying to help keep everyone aware of who's going and who's not. It might sound a little wacky but its a must. So then she got a KUB done (xray of belly) and low and behold she's full of poop and air! They were trying to hold off and see if she would go on her own because we don't want her to get in the routine of always needing help to get things moving. But the nurse practitioner decided to go ahead and give her a suppository because she was really full. She finally had a huge blowout on the night shift. Heath did too earlier, he was a few days behind but managed to take care of business on his own. Their weights as of Sunday are Ricky: 5lbs 1 1/2 oz, Heath:5lbs 5 3/4oz,

Ty: 4lbs. 11 1/2 oz, and Leah: 4lbs 6 1/2 oz. Ty is pulling ahead on who's the best a bottle feeding. But all in all we've had another good week! Thanks so much for all the prayers. Add an extra one in for me this coming week. I go back to work on Tuesday! You might pray for my coworkers having to put up with my scattered brain!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Well, I didn't get pictures posted on Friday due to technical internet service!
At right: Ricky slowly but surely taking his 1st bottle.

Above left: Ty chuggin on his 1st bottle.

At left: Pa (Larry Holderman) holding Heath.

Below: Leah holding her pacifier, looking so cute in her brown with pink polka dots sleeper.

Below: Ricky happily having kangaroo care time with mom.

Ty wide awake with Aunt Kristi.

Mom and Dad with Heath.

Below: Heath taking his 1st bottle.

Yes, I know, I did it again! Leah taking her 1st bottle. She beat all the boys.

Above: MoMo (Joyce McLean) and Ty.

Big Sis, Ashley, holding Heath.