Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pictures 1st of October

Granny and Ricky Ty

Leah had another layer of clothes on under her sleeper so she couldn't bend her arms

Ty-check out his strawberry blond hair!


I don't know why I can't remember to turn my picts! Ricky with his wild man hair.

I love this picture of Heath! Don't you just love those cheeks!

Ashley, Heath, me, Ty, and Jenna

Ashley holding Heath

Jenna with Ty


Shelley said...

Looks like the babies are doing great! They are getting those fat little cheeks. They will be coming home before you know it & these crazy NICU days will be just a memory!

Chelsea said...

Hello! I've been keeping up with your blog ever since my best friend Anna Belew did a story on your precious quads for the Hico News Review.
I'm a photographer, and I'd like to offer to do a free family session for you guys once the babies get out of the hospital. Just a gift from someone who's praying for you guys... it's a little way I feel like I can give back for all that's been given to me.

If you're interested, let me know! chelz.mcgowan@gmail.com

And, as always, I'll be praying for your growing family!

God bless... Chelsea McGowan