Thursday, February 19, 2009

More February pictures

Ty liked being in the stroller and out of his car seat after the long ride to Dallas to Cranial Technologies.

Heath trying to eat Leah's arm. She's just yummy!

Ricked zonked out after his pictures were taken for the cranial band evaluation.

Heath just couldn't jump any longer after lunch. Nap time!

Heath and Ricky just smiled and talked to each other. It was sooo sweet!

Heath loves to talk to his great Granny.

Heath wondering "What can I do with these things? Will they fit in my mouth?"

Nana and the big boys, Heath and Ricky.

Randy, Jenna, and Ashley headed to the Daddy-Daughter Banquet at our church.

Jenna in the huddle at her 1st soccer game. Go Dragons!

Jenna and her team mates going after the ball.

Jenna checking out her Valentine's goodies.

Jenna and her friend Fernando smile for the camera!

Everybody jumping after lunch.

Happy 6 month Birthday to you, you, you, and you!

My sweet 6 month olds: Ricky, Heath, Ty, and Leah. Notice we're getting fat little tummies! Noticed when I loaded I must have not had the red eye reduction on. We have red eyes instead of our pretty blues showing!
I can't believe the babies are already 6months old! Our days go by so fast! Before I know it, it will be summer and I'll planning their 1st birthday! I'm just ready for them to start holding their own bottles! I'm also looking forward to them sitting up on their own and crawling. I know it may sound silly to look forward to crawling with 4 but I do! The other evening I was flipping channels and came across a show on Discovery Health, I women giving birth to triplets. They were showing her c-section. The emotions that overwhelmed me surprised me. It took me back to the babies birthday and my own c-section. I still need to write about that day. It's still so vivid in my memory. So I couldn't watch the show, too emotional for me. Heath has been holding his head up better while on his tummy, getting stronger everyday. On Tuesday we took the quads to Cranial Technologies in Dallas to be evaluated to see if they will need cranial bands. I don't know how people live with all that traffic! It's crazy! Ricky and Heath for sure need the bands (which we already knew). They say Ty could also benefit too from one. His asymmetry is low to moderate so its kind of up to us if we put him in one. Leah doesn't need one at all! It was a long day and totally screwed up their new schedule I've been working on. So now for the past couple days trying to get them down and to stay down for their afternoon nap has been a challenge. I had to put Leah in the playpen today because she kept bugging Ricky. She can be so noisy and wiggles all over the place! Now she's being like Ty and turns herself over when she's supposed to be still and sleeping! Ty's eating is still up and down, we go back to the doctor next week for checkup and 6month shots. Oh joy! I have a prayer request: My cousin's oldest son, Clayton,he's 11, had a place taken off his face that came back as melanoma. He went to Cook's for lymph node biopsy and it came back positive for cancer. Please keep their family in your prayers. He will come to Cook's to begin treatment but will able to do the rest at Shannon hospital in San Angelo (they live in Eldorado). His mom is a nurse and will be able to give him the shots later on down the road after they get through the initial start. The first month is treatment 5 days a week. They also have 2 other children that this separation will be hard on them. So please keep them in your prayers :Cody, Christy, Clayton, Colton, and Cassidy Arendt.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Our little Sweet Pea! Isn't she a doll! I couldn't help but I thought she needed a bow after bath to spice up the outfit. We had shoes too but forgot to get a picture!
The kiddos have been having a good week. Ty is eating a little better. It takes forever to get his morning bottle in him or any of them for that fact. the Prevacid seems to be making him feels better. On Wednesday Kristi and I took the boys back to see Dr. Vaughan for their post-op visit. their incisions looks great, are healing well. Probably in a few weeks it will be hard to even tell where they are! Thanks Dr. Vaughan! We took him one of the famous Koffee Kup coconut cream pies just to say thanks for getting us done on surgery day since he had to pull some strings so we didn't get cancelled. Leah has gotten busy pushing up and rolling over. Ty is doing it more but it makes him mad at night when he gets stuck on his back. Heath is starting to hold his head up better and even push up on his arms a bit. when he's on his back, he rolls onto his side to check things out in a different angle. Heath and Ricky in the stroller as we wait in Dr. Vaughan's office.

Ty staring down Heath in Kristi's lap.

Dr. Vaughan and the boys Heath, Ty, and Ricky.

Ty checking out the toy in front of him, not letting go of that passy.

Ricky found a baby looking back at him in the little mirror. Good head control boys!

Peanut (Leah) all smiles in the jumper. She's the most active of all of them, bouncing like crazy already.

Lunch time! Thank goodnes for bottle holders!

Jenna is playing little dribblers. Her team is the Wizards in blue. she's the one with her hands up and the little pony tail.

The girl keeps those hands up and ready!

My sweet teddy bear, Ricky.

Heath wide -eyed talking to me while I'm trying to take his pict.

Bumbo time. Ty's not too happy about it.

Heath chillin Friday morning with Dad.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today in Quadville...

We had them all together playing on Sunday. They were all talking and kicking and waving their hands in each other's face. Lt-Rt: Ricky, Heath, Ty, and Leah

Today Ricky rolled over from his tummy to his back! Over the past week his head control had gotten better and I catch him pushing up on his arms when he's on his belly so he can look around. Ty has been doing this for about a month now, he started at the end of December, first of January. Leah is working on it but gets ticked and then quits. Heath is my lazy boy. He'll look around for a bit then he's done! They have all found their hands now. I get cracked up at them as they try to shove their whole fist in their mouth. Leah also has found her ears and I like watching her as she holds her hands together. It's so sweet! We went to the doctor on Friday the 30th. My friend Toni went with me to help. We were both huffing and puffing by the time we got them into the room. Those kiddos are getting heavy! Ricky weighs in now at 12lbs 14oz; Heath is not far behind at 11lbs 12oz; Ty was 10lbs. 5oz and Leah was 10lbs 6oz-she beat Ty! Ty still hasn't been eating good since the surgery and even a little before that. He started eating less and taking longer on top of projectile puke. So I called Dr. Ong back on Tuesday and told her I thought we needed to change or do something now instead of waiting another 2 weeks. So she changed his stomach med to Prevacid. Today so far he's eating at 4 1/2 oz again instead of just 3oz. Hopefully this will do the trick. If not we will go back to Cook's to see a Gastroenterologist. So please pray that this is the answer! As you can tell the others are eating great and putting on the weight! On the 17th of this month we go to Cranial Technologies in Dallas to have the babies evaluated for cranial bands. The bands help reshape the babies skull if needed. I think Heath and Ricky for sure will need the bands but we're taking all of them to be evaluated. One longer trip with all 4 is easier that splitting it up. The bands are quite expensive so pray the insurance will cover! Jenna has been busy playing little dribblers basketball. They have had 2 games and won both! Their fun to watch play all hovering around the ball. Well must go about time to feed again! TTFN!