Thursday, February 19, 2009

More February pictures

Ty liked being in the stroller and out of his car seat after the long ride to Dallas to Cranial Technologies.

Heath trying to eat Leah's arm. She's just yummy!

Ricked zonked out after his pictures were taken for the cranial band evaluation.

Heath just couldn't jump any longer after lunch. Nap time!

Heath and Ricky just smiled and talked to each other. It was sooo sweet!

Heath loves to talk to his great Granny.

Heath wondering "What can I do with these things? Will they fit in my mouth?"

Nana and the big boys, Heath and Ricky.

Randy, Jenna, and Ashley headed to the Daddy-Daughter Banquet at our church.

Jenna in the huddle at her 1st soccer game. Go Dragons!

Jenna and her team mates going after the ball.

Jenna checking out her Valentine's goodies.

Jenna and her friend Fernando smile for the camera!

Everybody jumping after lunch.


kippykowgirl said...

Tina, those babies are getting so big, and that little red head is just too cute! I hope everything is well with you and your whole clan, Just wanted to pass this allong to you, my hubbys cousin blogs also and she sent this link where you can go and have your blog turned into a book,pictures and all! I have often thought about you and your scrapbooking, and just don't see how you'd ever get around to that anytime soon! Anyways, this is really neat, and fairly cheap, take Care, Jamie Cozby

Sara Graham said...

Hi Tina!! Your babies are growing so fast. And we loved seeing Jenna, even if it's just on the computer. You tell her that Grace says hello! I love keeping up with you this way. Take good care! Sara Graham (Janama's daughter)