Friday, February 13, 2009

Our little Sweet Pea! Isn't she a doll! I couldn't help but I thought she needed a bow after bath to spice up the outfit. We had shoes too but forgot to get a picture!
The kiddos have been having a good week. Ty is eating a little better. It takes forever to get his morning bottle in him or any of them for that fact. the Prevacid seems to be making him feels better. On Wednesday Kristi and I took the boys back to see Dr. Vaughan for their post-op visit. their incisions looks great, are healing well. Probably in a few weeks it will be hard to even tell where they are! Thanks Dr. Vaughan! We took him one of the famous Koffee Kup coconut cream pies just to say thanks for getting us done on surgery day since he had to pull some strings so we didn't get cancelled. Leah has gotten busy pushing up and rolling over. Ty is doing it more but it makes him mad at night when he gets stuck on his back. Heath is starting to hold his head up better and even push up on his arms a bit. when he's on his back, he rolls onto his side to check things out in a different angle. Heath and Ricky in the stroller as we wait in Dr. Vaughan's office.

Ty staring down Heath in Kristi's lap.

Dr. Vaughan and the boys Heath, Ty, and Ricky.

Ty checking out the toy in front of him, not letting go of that passy.

Ricky found a baby looking back at him in the little mirror. Good head control boys!

Peanut (Leah) all smiles in the jumper. She's the most active of all of them, bouncing like crazy already.

Lunch time! Thank goodnes for bottle holders!

Jenna is playing little dribblers. Her team is the Wizards in blue. she's the one with her hands up and the little pony tail.

The girl keeps those hands up and ready!

My sweet teddy bear, Ricky.

Heath wide -eyed talking to me while I'm trying to take his pict.

Bumbo time. Ty's not too happy about it.

Heath chillin Friday morning with Dad.

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Shelley said...

re getting so big! Glad the bottle holders are working for you!