Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Long time no see, or should I say no blog!

Quads 7months and 1 day! Lt. to rt.: Heath, Leah, Ricky, and Ty (Can you believe I didn't stick them in birth order!)
Jenna and her birthday caterpillar cake.

Well I'm sorry that its been a month since my last update. I started trying to get this done on 3/11 and now its 3/23. Never planned it to be this long! At the end of Feb. I was waiting for us to go to the Dr. for checkup so I would have new weights to post. Well that didn't happen because we had to wait 2 weeks on our Synagis shots. So we finally got to our checkup and 6 months shots on the 14th of March! The babies new weights and measures are...drum roll please!

Ricky: Weight: 15lbs length:25 3/4inches Head circumference:17inches

Heath: Weight:14lbs 2oz Length: 24 inches Head: 17 1/4 inches

Ty: Weight: 11lbs 13oz Length: 24 1/4inches Head: 16 1/4 inches

Leah: Weight: 12lbs 7oz Length:23inches Head: 16inches

Everyone is doing great! Tyler's eating is getting better, still puking couple times a week. He's now on Prevacid 2 times a day and had made him a happier baby. I still have to wrestle with him at least through half of his bottle, but at least he's now taking 5-6oz. Each one got 5shots on their checkup! Talk about awful!! Very painful for us all!Ricky and Heath are now eating between 6-7 oz, more on the 7 side. Leah is also taking on the average5 1/2 to 6 oz too. The week after they turned 6months old,2/23, I started trying to spoon feed their cereal at noon. The week before we went to the doctor we added applesauce. Last week they had peaches and this week is pears. I love watching then react to the new tastes! Ty found his feet on March the 6th. He's like a little monkey! When you hold him up against you he grabs hold with both hands and won't let go. He got a handful of Kristi's hair yesterday, 3/22 and I thought he was going to take her to the ground! Jenna turned 7 on the 7th! She had a caterpillar cake and a few friends over for a sleepover. We also went and did a little shopping in Fort Worth on her birthday. It was the first time I had been to the mall since very early in my pregnancy with the quads. On Monday the 9th Heath turned over from his tummy to back and it was also Jenna's first spelling bee. She did a great job and got 3rd! On Friday the 13th we headed back to Cranial Technologies in Dallas with Ricky and Heath. They had to take 3-D pictures to send to the manufacturer so they could get to making the cranial bands. they looked like little robbers! It was too funny! They put their pacifier in their mouths and then put this little stocking over their entire heads to take the picts. The boys did great and didn't fuss a bit. the drive went better since we borrowed my brother-in-law's GPS. We go back this Friday to pick up the bands. By the end of February Leah had taught Heath how to spit. then the week of the 9th, Ricky starting blowing bubbles and Ty followed on the 16th. They are all drooling like crazy. I don't remember Jenna drooling that bad, but I guess she did. They are all gnawing on their hands and yours. Ricky and Heath though seem to be actually having painful gums, yeah for oragel. On the 20th Leah mastered turning over from her back to her tummy. She can go both ways now so of course you stick her in her bed one way and find her another! Last week was spring break for us. Very uneventful except for taking Jenna to the dentist for a checkup. No cavities! Jenna finished little dribblers on the 25th and is still playing soccer. Her basketball team got first! Way to go Wizards! Ashley is running track. Her first track meet was the Friday before Spring break. Hico got 2nd. She's running the relays and they got first in the sprint and mile relay and second in the 800 m relay. We have been blessed that the babies have been well. We've been taking them for walks on the nice warms days. So far they all like it!

Leah with her new shades. One hip chick don't ya think?

Ty hanging onto the giraffe while looking out the front door.

My friend Tish and her little girl, Caitlyn came to see us while she was on spring break. Isn't she a doll?!

Circling the kiddos so they can entertain each other during tummy time.

Leah with her Lovey from the NICU and her blankie/chewy that Jenna bought her with her own money.

Leah and Ricky snuggled up.

Baby robber #1, Ricky.

Baby robber #2, Heath. Gimme all you diapers and no one gets hurt!

I was so proud of myself for getting this picture. they may not be smiling but their all looking at me!

Jenna entertaining Leah, Heath, and Ricky. They think sister is pretty funny.

Ty right after his bath. Smellin good again!

Everyone else waiting their turn while Ty was getting his bath. I line them up in my bedroom outside the bathroom so I can keep an eye on them when no one else is home during bath time.

Stripped down on one of our very warm days. They liked being free of clothes.
Lt to rt: Heath, Leah, Ty (Ty & Leah are holding hands!), and Ricky

Jenna pushing one of the strollers down the hill during our walk.

A friend of our from Stephenville , Courtney stitched their initial to a onesie and Leah also got a little pink tutu! They were adorable! Thank you Courtney! (They are in birth order this time.)

Ty in the stroller

Leah in the back of the other stroller. the 2 little ones have to ride in the back for now.

Jenna posing with the babies for me. Heath and Ricky in the front.

Kristi found this headband for Leah. Isn't she just adorable! You just want to kiss her!

My little basketball star, Jenna.

Jenna's basketball team-the Wizards.

And she's out! One minute she's jumping like a kangaroo, the next she's passed out!

First day of spoon feeding their cereal.

Leah and heath checking out the rings I'm rattling. Leah's sliding back down.

More cereal out than in on Ty. At least he's happy!

Another spitter, Leah.

Heath not too sure about the whole thing yet. But now he's the best eater of all 4.
Can't get it in him fast enough!

Ricky not to sure either about the taste. I have to eat this?

Heath and Ty always end up next to each other no matter how far apart I put them! It's so sweet!

I got you now my pretty pink poodle!

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Ashley said...

I have no eartly idea how you do it! You are one AMAZING woman and mother. You could and should give lessons. I felt crazy with one and already feel that anxiety building now that I'll have a 2 year old and a newborn. :)