Sunday, October 5, 2008

Well, I didn't get pictures posted on Friday due to technical internet service!
At right: Ricky slowly but surely taking his 1st bottle.

Above left: Ty chuggin on his 1st bottle.

At left: Pa (Larry Holderman) holding Heath.

Below: Leah holding her pacifier, looking so cute in her brown with pink polka dots sleeper.

Below: Ricky happily having kangaroo care time with mom.

Ty wide awake with Aunt Kristi.

Mom and Dad with Heath.

Below: Heath taking his 1st bottle.

Yes, I know, I did it again! Leah taking her 1st bottle. She beat all the boys.

Above: MoMo (Joyce McLean) and Ty.

Big Sis, Ashley, holding Heath.

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Sweety Cassidy said...

Congrats quaddies for your 1st bottle !! You are now Big babbies