Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Band of Brothers

Phase 2: All stickered up! Yesterday afternoon Jenna and I got their bands finally decorated. They both have a football theme and a couple of fish stickers (Jenna added that since Dad likes to fish). Now I have to put another coat of sealer to help keep the stickers on. Heath is making his silly little face. He tucks in his bottom lip and sucks on it.
Phase 1: Finally got their bands painted and sealed. Not so easy when you are supposed to have them on 23 hours of the day! Few little oops, but for the most part turned out OK. Heath's is shaped so much different than Ricky's. The owner of the company made Heath's herself since it is a more specialized shape. They are both already having noticeable improvements in their head shapes. They look like little wrestlers!

Ricky and Ty with their arms locked while Heath gets smacked in the face by little bro. Silly boys!

Ricky and Heath hanging out, doing some jumping before lunch. they both have done really well since having their bands on. They don't seem bothered by them at all. Occasionally they find the Velcro on the side and play with that, but that's about it. you talk about some stinky heads though! Yuck-o! Heath's is the worse!

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