Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August Picture Overload Part 1

Leah and Heath having a good ole time crawling under the excersaucer.

The quads having some elbow macaroni in a bowl.

It at least started in the bowl.
Sassy waiting to do her share in helping to clean up.

HE-Man standing tall. He's now pulling up on everything.

Leah's 1st ponytail compliments of her cousin Mollie.
Can you see her 2 new toothies?

Tyler helping Daddy finish his fudge pop. Dude loves the chocolate already.

Daddy gave Ty a new do. The spiky rocker look.

I didn't do anything! Honest.

Jenna with an up close of Leah smiling with her passy. Eyes are looking a little tired there girl!

Tyler wondering what's going on in there? Mrs. Cecilia was vacuuming the rug and Ty wanted to see!

Tyler needing some lovin from his Mommy at the end of a long quad day. Yes, I chopped all my hair off again! Love it and got it colored up something nice today too! Short and spiky so no one realizes when I've been pulling my hair out on any given crazy day.

Bright eyed Leah. Love that smile, its addictive!

Ty, Jenna, and Leah. she was giving them a ride on the bean bag.

Mornin Mom. How bout a dry one and then a big bottle of milk?. Oh yeah there's a nice BIG surprise waiting for ya too.

Please, no pictures so early in the morning. It's too bright! Heath's bottom toothies a shining.

Rough night Leah?

Daddy is now letting us have pancakes! Talk about good!

Leah, Heath, and Ty getting a ride on the beanbag from Ashley.

On the first of August, Ricky started waving bye-bye. He doesn't do the full arm wave like most little ones do, but just his hand. Leah also said "mama." The next day Ty started waving bye-bye and letting go of the table some when he was standing and Leah like to put her hand over her mouth and go "ya-ya-ya." Ricky has also been letting go and standing alone and even takes 1-2 steps and then lunges at you. Ricky also whistles! I know its not on purpose but its still the cutest thing! He a lot of times puckers and blows. and one day, out came a whistle! Ty this past first week has also getting some rhythm. When I play the star that sings twinkle-twinkle or the spider who dings itsy-bitsy spider, he starts a moving to the beat. The little white boy has rhythm! By the end of the week, around the 8th, Ricky joined in with the dancing. Heath has finally decided to go to a sitting position from crawling. He also started on Sunday doing the "ya-ya-ya" but by rubbing his mouth across his arm, or yours instead of using his hand. Nice and slobbery! Tuesday he started clapping too. On Sunday I thought he was finally going to crawl full time up on all fours. But no, he still like to get down and commando crawl some too. Leah does the same thing. I think sometimes their little knees begin to hurt on the hard wood floors. Poor Ricky has calluses on his already! On Monday the 10th we took them to the doctor because I was being on the cautious side. they had been running low grade fever and some messing with their ears which they never do and being quite fussy. So I figured it was either their teeth or maybe ear infection. No ear infections for anyone! Being a little overprotected is never a bad thing! they got weighed while we were there: Ricky 20 1/2lbs, Heath 18lbs, Ty 16-4oz, and Leah 16-5oz. Next week we have to go back for 12month shots. Uggh:( Not looking forward to it at all!I've been busy trying to plan their first birthday party and get everything in order. I know I should have started before last week, but I once again was in denial that it was already time to celebrate their birthday! So much to do and so little time. A lot of more late nights coming up! (Oh, well, I never get to bed early anyway.)

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Morgan said...

What a cool table you have for feeding them!

Your babies are so cute and look so healthy now! I would have never known they started out so tiny had I not seen your other post first. Happy birthday to all 4 of them!