Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quadruple the Love

These are the pictures Anna Belew, the managing editor of the Hico News Review, took for her article and for me. She did an outstanding job on both the article and pictures. I will get the link to the article, she posted it on her blog. Can you guess what the birthday party theme was?

I was amazed the babies sat long enough for us to get a group picture. It's not an easy task these days.

Ricky Shane

Ricky being all serious.

That sweet face and beautiful crystal blue eyes.

Heath Allen
This boy is always so happy and smiling.

Is that not an angel face or what? Wonder what he's thinking?

Steven Tyler

My little rocker with his wild man hair.

Sweet and precious too.

Leah Grace
She's been sticking that tongue out from the start!

She's got a sly smile. Always wondering what she's plotting next.

Our peanut, our little princess!

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