Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Egg Hunting: Lesson 1

This afternoon, while outside playing, I decided we would work with the quads on hunting Easter eggs. I had bought them little buckets at our local Dollar General about a month ago. Gotta love the dollar store! Heath was the first to be interested and get the hang of it.

Ricky getting Aunt Kay to help him put an egg back together. That was his main focus, open the eggs. The boy already knows there's supposed to be something good inside!

Tyler finding a blue egg while Sassy looks on uninterested about the whole process.

Now, Leah has the hang of carrying her bucket around too and got busy collecting eggs.
Heath would carry his bucket around and get eggs, then put the bucket down and go grab a handful. Then, we would also take eggs out of someone else's bucket.

"I don't see what the big deal is about carrying this bucket around. I just want the goods inside the eggs!"

Tyler decided he would use a bucket too.

Leah had to stop and watch Jenna and Daddy jump on the trampoline.

Ricky getting a better view from standing in Jenna's old baby doll stroller.

Tyler decided he needed 2 buckets for his eggs.
Oh what fun is in store for all us next week! I can't wait! I just love watching them figure out something new and fun!

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Brandy said...

Love it! I am super excited to see how the kiddos do easter egg hunting this year! Got your package! Thanks a million, a week away til my babies turn 2!!!!!! I can call them babies still RIGHT???
talk to you soon