Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Monday morning Kristi and I decided to take the quads to Wal-Mart for a little shopping. This was their first trip to Wal-Mart! Once again they did awesome and we survived! It was quite easy actually! We put the quads in one basket and a 2nd basket held everything else we needed. the morning time is the best time to go when their is no crowd. I think the babies enjoyed their new adventure!"Where are we going??" Heath and Ricky trying to stand up in the basket. They were all wondering what the heck I had stuck them in when I first put them in it.
Tyler and Leah sitting back taking it all in.

BUBBLES!! The kiddos were in awe of all the stuff on the shelves. They did alot of pointing and oohing. We only went down a couple of toy isles because who knows how long we could have been stuck there!

Still taking it all in. Heath's is so excited!

The balls!!! this picture cracks me up because its like Kristi is showing a bunch of puppies a new ball! "See the ball. Watch the ball. Do you want the ball?"

We headed over to the clothes because Tyler needed a pair of pants for Easter. Ricky decided he would grab him a pair of jeans while we were there. The others all had the beauty care products to hold onto.

Easter isle! They liked looking at the stuffed bunnies and other animals, eggs and Easter toys. Ricky was trying to push my basket from theirs.

Freezer Section! Tyler, Leah, Heath, and Ricky helping us look for a smoked turkey for Nana.

Leah trying to crawl in! Heath says, "COLD!!"

Checkout time!
Heath is helping Kristi checkout.

Now Tyler and Heath think they need to play with the keypad.

Everything went good, got a little whiny when we started to leave but then they fell asleep on the way home. That wasn't so good because they still had to eat lunch before going down for a nap. They ended up not taking a good nap at all much to my surprise after the morning adventure (darn it!). But all in all it was a good day! Now I know I can conquer Wal-Mart with quads!

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Shelley said...

Hey! That would be awesome to all get together! Do you know how to get in touch with the others? Here is my email: randallbarron@verizon.net.
I knew there was a triplet mom in Hamilton. Several times when we have been out in town people asked if we were the triplets from HAmilton. You would think everyone would know by now, but I guess since we don't get out much. Congrats on taking them to Walmart. I have done it once by myself. It is a good feeling to know you can do something normal!