Monday, March 22, 2010

Cameron Park Zoo

WE DID IT!!!! We finally went on our first family outing! On Friday (3-19), we all loaded up and headed to Cameron Park Zoo in Waco. We thought visiting the smaller zoo would be best before tackling the Fort Worth Zoo. The quads were GREAT!! No one cried or through a fit! Heath whimpered a little when we went into the reptile house, but it was dark and warm, probably a little scary. As soon as we got out he was a OK! All 8 of us had a good time and enjoyed the day out together as a whole family. Yes, we did get stared at and had some comments (none ugly though). The best comment was when we stopped to have lunch. I was feeding the quads in a corner away from others when another mom stopped to ask if they were 2 sets of twins or quads. When I told her they were quads she said, "Good for you for getting out with them!" It was nice to her a little encouragement/praise for venturing out with them. They were truly wonderful and couldn't have asked for a better day! Tyler and Heath as we were headed out.
Ricky zonked out pretty quick for a power nap.

Tyler and Heath holding hands and playing tug of war with the pacifier.

Our first stop were these Gibbon monkeys. As soon as they started talking, the babies were "ooing " back at them.

Leah pointing to Randy the big turtle.

These turtles were so cool! There was three Galapagos tortoises that you could get right up to. they were walking right in front of the stroller and stretching out their necks to eats the grass in between the posts. The kiddos really liked watching them too.

The alligator smiling for the camera.

The Big Sisters: Ashley and Jenna

All 6 kiddos plus Dad as we stopped to look at the bears.

We snuck the stroller inside one of the huge tee-pee they had set up over by the buffalo's.



and Bears... Oh My!! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

This big orangutan was also fun to watch. He was playing with a sack on his head. He also came right up by the window we had the quads pulled up too. He had to come check out our set of monkeys too!

Jenna doing a little "monkeying around".

And she's out! One minute she's awake, the next she's out for a power nap!

Mama plus 6 as we get to the end of our journey at the zoo.

Tyler happily playing with the Pooh book with his Duckie on our way home. He didn't pass out until we were about 30minutes from home!

Ricky and Leah. Leah never went back to sleep when we got in the car. Ricky took another quick nap and then was up all the way home too.

Heath was out first, but didn't last long either.
I know not every outing will be this good, but it was sure nice to start out that way! Now we know we can handle it, it can be done!!


Kimberly & Alex said...

Good for you for getting out. Looks like you're going to have a fun summer full of outings. I'd love to know what type of vehicle you have to hold 6 children. We currently take 2 for our 7, mainly to have ease of getting them into car seats and cargo space.

Suzy said...

Hi, I noticed that you have Sunshine Radians ... we just got four of them and are going to try to fit them in our Odyssey. Do you drive an Odyssey, and if so, any tips for getting three to fit across the back row? My husband is convinced that they won't fit. :)

Tina said...

We have a suburban that has 3 bench seats, so we can fit 9 if we have to. You can get 3 across, they fit fine, just a little hard to tighten down because we don't have the easy latches on our 3rd row. We love our suburban! Another quad mom, Brandy has a Ford exoedition EL that she can fit 6 kids in also.