Saturday, February 27, 2010

February picture overload!!

While we were eating lunch, Jenna was getting the quads to draw on the Magna Doodle. She then would label it and then get them to sit by it to take their picture.

She had a little trouble getting Tyler to sit still, so I held him for her.

"Give Lee-Lee some sugar." They kissed each other a handful of times and then I got her to kiss Heath but didn't have my camera handy. It was such a nice moment to see them laughing and being NICE to each other!

Ricky, my little strong man this past week likes to pull out Leah's bed and climb behind it. Well, every ones else follows. While I was taking the picture Jenna said, "Look Mom, their in order!"

Yes, it happened again! Twice in one week! It doesn't help that I keep it sitting too close to =the edge! Ricky got his 12th too, a top molar at the beginning of the month and then #13 &14 bottom molars by the end of the month. I'll be glad when they are all done teething! He is climbing on everything, as you will see in many pictures! It first started with the coffee table and has preceded onto bigger and taller things! One picture I did not get was him standing on the back of the little yellow couch so he could reach the blinds that had been pulled him! I thought "Oh, Lord, let me get to him before he falls!" Scared me to death! another gray hair sprouted!On the 21st, he said "Nana".

Leah giving Tyler and little shake.

My silly little duo.

Tyler just a cackling. They've gotten to where they pull out the tunnel and start crawling in it before I can get it unhooked. It's quite funny when they get caught under it and can't get out! Tyler is also quite the climber: kitchen chairs, couches, through the back window of their car and onto the coffee table! they all are climbing on the storage crates I have in the laundry room too. On the 25th, he said "up" for Nana and the next day I had him saying "gog" for dog. Still no more teeth, bless his heart!

Many gray hairs have sprouted on me head this past month. This is ONE OF MANY of Ricky's new stunts. He used the rocker next to the end table that the turtle is one to help hoist himself up onto the table. I was changing Heath's diaper and heard this banging. So I holler at Ricky, "What are you doing?!" Well, this is what I find! So Heath then thinks he also needs to try to climb up too and succeeded!

"I didn't do anything wrong, not sweet innocent me." Leah following in her brothers footsteps. She takes it a step further and gets on top of the dining table to get what she wants. At the beginning of the month she got her 8th tooth, her first molar on the left bottom. She's still speaking "Leah-nese" quite fluently! Still wants her way and will throw a good fit or try to takes her brother's down by the back of their collar whenever possible. I don't know why, but she tends to pick on Heath the most! I guess it's why he's resorting to biting to get her attention!

Like I said monkey see, monkey do. Heath watched Ricky climb up in the chair (first time on the 9th) and then he followed suit. Tyler climbs up to and then like to try to climb on the table. I've caught him and Leah sitting on top of the table so they can get their hands on more stuff! He still has 14 teeth total, but looks like some more will be in soon! On the 10th Kristi got him to say "coat" and he's saying Jenna or sissy better. Like I said he's becoming quite the biter to defend himself from Leah and to get Ricky back for his biting.

Two of my guys, Randy and Tyler snuggling in the recliner.

Three Amigos. I wonder where their little sidekick is lurking?

Hear they are practicing using their forks one morning when we had pancakes. We started about the second week in February. I think its still a little early for them, but we pull them out and try when Mama thinks she can deal with a little extra mess.

Here's one of my monkeys again. As soon as Ricky climbed off, Heath climbs on.

Leah had fun playing underneath the table while her brothers climbed on top. I didn't have my camera handy the day Tyler climbed up and then STOOD UP when it was pushed up against the window in their room!

It's just an ongoing theme: let's see what we can climb on and make our Mommy crazy!!! Tyler and Ricky sharing the box so they can reach the top of the gate. I wonder how long I have before they start swinging their legs over the gate?!

Ricky, Jenna, and Leah chillin' on the rug in the baby's room. Jenna made a pallet for everyone to play on.

Leah is ready for Spring!

Ricky climbing over the side of the couch.

Tyler flashing his sweet smile while he looks at a book in Jenna's little chair from when she was little.

Tyler. What a smirk!

I'm standing up on the swing and haven't got in trouble yet!

Leah, I haven't gotten hollered at either!

Brutus, you got a little dirt on your face.

Quick! Take the pict!

Is that comfortable Leah?

Me and my little chickens.

Who's ready for bed?

We've been working on "If your happy and you know it..." and they are doing great at clapping and stomping! Ricky will stick his arm up in the air when I say "shout Amen!" On "Head, Shoulders, knees and toes" they get the head and toes good too. On the 21st Jenna and I started teaching them "Ring around the roses." They LOVE that one too, especially when we all fall down! At he end of the month, about the 25th I finally decided to try to get rid of the am bottle. Let's just say no one is happy about it! and honestly they may get it back because I'd rather make sure they are getting the milk they need right now over breaking them of the bottle!
Jenna's basketball team had been doing good and will finish up on March 1st and 2nd. She's also selling those girl scout cookies! And thankfully we're done! Ashley is starting track now that their basketball season is over and she has cheerleader tryouts coming up in March for high school. Nothing slows down around here! Just praying for good warm spring weather to come our way ans stay!!

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