Saturday, February 13, 2010

January Picture Overload

I am trying to play catch up so hopefully I'll actually get February happenings posted in February! So here's the last of January's post-PICTURE OVERLOAD!!! This could go either way: Heath happy and smiling or in the middle of fussing because sister is in the car with him?? You decide!

Spider monkey on the move!

Leah crawling in the bottom shelf of the entertainment center with lawnmower in tow!

Spider monkey on the second shelf of the entertainment center. The climbing has begun! At the first of January, Tyler got the hang of "washing his hands" with the hand sanitizer dispenser. Tyler had me puzzled with a high fever the 2nd week in January, but that's all there was (thank goodness no diarrhea or vomiting!). Tyler will say "go" and still jabbering alot of other stuff I can't make out! He finally got tooth #7 in. He can sign "cracker now too and likes to shake his head "no".

Ricky playing "Peek a Boo". Ricky is such a helper/big brother! If he's up early I get him to help me wake up Jenna for school. He now knows the sign for cracker and eat. By the end of the month he had figured out how to climb up on Jenna's toy box and then climb onto her bed! His 11th tooth is coming in, a molar on the top right side. Also the 31st he and Leah started sliding down the slide on their bottoms with no help! He takes the others their loveys, jackets, and cups. And sometimes he tries to "help" them drink from their cup!

Woo Hoo! Group picture in our jammies. I love baby jammies! Leah, Ricky, Heath, Tyler, and Jenna.

Ricky hiding under Leah's bed. Jenna at night will sometimes hide under their baby beds trying to scare them. It doesn't scare them, they just want to crawl under the beds with sister!

Perfect shirt for this bad boy to be wearing right now. Heath getting busted for messing with the humidifier. I wish they made one that the kiddos wouldn't notice! The 12th of January he said"gog" for dog and at the end of the week he was doctoring Tyler when he had his high fever. When Ty was laying on the couch he would bring him toys to play with, his duckie, or come lay his head on him to love on him. Sweet brotherly love! He's started getting teeth #13 & 14. His mouth is nearly full! You have to be very careful these days when putting on the baby orajel! On the 20th he tries to say "car". He has the biggest vocabulary of the 4 right now. He brings the others their loveys too or their cups and jackets. It's funny how they know who's cup is who's and who's jacket belongs to each one! On all the cold days he would go get his jacket and go to the door and say "go go". We all hated being cooped up!

Daddy's Girl. Or as he would say, the "Little Heffa" (for hefer). The girl FINALLY decided to get me some "sugar" on the 7th of January. Once again she was quite sly about it, with the look, "see I know how". I love when she does it because she'll give you kisses over and over and puckers her little lips and squishes up her nose! She's so stinkin' cute! And she knows it! The sweet side of Leah is also started giving the others their loveys even if they don't want it. She'll go yank them out of their beds and bring them to the boys like"here you need this". She's also handing out jackets and cups too. The 3rd week, on the 17th she repeated "no" after I told her "no, get out of Nana's cabinet." Then later in the week I got "go" out of her. I haven't heard them again since, but I know she can do it! She learned how to crawl up in the rocker too. And she actually likes to rock herself! She know the sign for cracker also.

How many toddlers can you get into Jenna's laundry basket? 2! Leah and Tyler getting themselves into quite a predicament.

My blue-eyed, red haired boy!

My little jail bird. If I won't let him in the kitchen, alot of the time he'll hang around at the gate waiting and watching ( and some fussing too!).

"Blue eyes, shining on me.."

Tyler LOVES belts. they all do, but he will fight you for it! He'll walk around with it around his neck, around his waist, or just dragging it with him!

I've been trying to get them to learn the motions to "Head, shoulders, knees and toes..", they've got the toe part down! We're also working on "If your happy and you know it clap your hands....". Kristi bought them a huge bag of mega blocks for Christmas and they LOVE them! they love to build and of course dump them out of the sack, especially when I'm trying to pick them up! So we have also been working on the songs "Clean up, clean up, and this is the way you pick up the blocks...". they actually have started helping pick them up! On the 20th of the month after we had to go to the WIC office, Kristi and I decided to take them to Payless to get them some new shoes. I wish I had my camera for that! this was the first time they had been in a public place since we went into lock down. We sat them down in the store and they wouldn't move at first. the silly things weren't sure where they were or what to do. then we herded them back to the toddler shoes and they started to venture around the store. Thank goodness we got there when they first opened and we were the only ones in the store! Ricky wanted to go to the back room and get their broom to sweep. Tyler enjoyed posing and looking at himself in the mirrors. Leah played in the shoes, and Heath liked going up and down the isles. We have decided as soon as RSV season is at an end we have to start some mini trips out. I don't want them to be scared to death of people and cooped up at home all the time (and mama doesn't want to be cooped up either!). At the end of the month I started working on switching to one nap a day. Still not sure if we're ready for it (or if I'm ready for it!). Some days good, some days bad!

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