Saturday, February 13, 2010


Like I said, if I could only keep them out of the dirt and sand that's underneath the trampoline! This day (Jan. 20th), Ricky headed for it first. then he was spied by Leah and eventually Tyler. Ricky already sampling the sand to see how it tasters. Leah just starting to get into the act.

Ricky and Leah working on digging to China! And it throws good too! Glad today is bath day! Who wants to come clean fingernails?!

Leah trying to rub a little off while Ricky continues on the digging expedition.

Oh, yeah! Look at those hands sister!

Want some Mama? Tyler still not sure if he wants to get dirty.

That's my VERY, VERY, DIRTY BOY!!!

Boys, you gotta love them!

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