Thursday, February 18, 2010

Visit from New Mexico

The weekend of the 6th, Randy's aunt, uncle, their kids came in for a visit. We haven't got to see them since the quads first birthday and this was Kristen's first time to get to see them in person! So glad that they got to come in from New Mexico for a weekend visit! Love you guys!!!! Tonka Truck Races! Wes pushing Heath and Leah, Mason pushing Ricky and Tyler.

Easton and Jenna.

Kristen and Ricky.

Lt-rt: Aunt Missy, Uncle Wes, and Randy chatting it up under the tree.

Lt to rt: Mason (Kristen's squeeze) and Randy's "brother from another Mother" Chris.

Tyler and Kristen's son, Easton. Love the hair E!

Jenna taking a Dr. Pepper break while Tyler climbs through the window and Heath watches on.

Kristen helping power the tricycle with Heath and Ricky.

Randy and TyMan.

Uncle Wes and Heath playing with the bell on the tricycle.

Dad, you have started something very bad! Ricky climbing up the rock wall.

Now Tyler wants to follow Ricky up the wall!

Too Cute! Or should I say Two Cuties! Tyler and Kristen

Spider Man having a ball!

"Kristen, can you lift me to the very top?"

"Hey, I can make that bucket move when I pull this rope."

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Anonymous said...

They are absolutely precious!! Can't wait to get back down there!! Love you guys!!