Saturday, February 13, 2010


In January, the quads were wanting to take their shirts off all the time (which is continuing on!)! It started with Heath and then everyone else wants to join in, especially Leah! Ricky managed to get shirt and his socks off. Leah shirtless in the back too.

Little Miss shirtless on the move.

Tyler decides he wants to be "shirts" today.

The one who started it all! Heath! The first day he got his shirt off and then I catch him pulling his pants off! It's so funny to watch them rub their tummies and pooch them out when they have their shirts off! Ricky will put his hands behind his back which makes his big ole belly stick out even more!

Jenna helping Heath down the slide.

Leah adjusting her yoga pants.

Now Tyler's turn. Hold On!

Now Ricky. Love that smile!

Silly willy still prancing around.

Ricky hollering at me (which he does ALL DAY LONG!).
I know this is just the beginning of 4 little toddlers streaking around the house!

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