Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We love our blankies!

Ricky fixing the blanket while Leah and Tyler climb on and get comfy. We love those soft blankies!

Tyler LOVES to roll up in the covers. Every night we have to go in and check him because he usually gets them rolled up around his head. He looks like he's in a cocoon! My Aunt Barbara crocheted the quads blankets when they were born. They love to get them out of the chiffarobe and cover up with them.

Is Ricky ready for a nap? Nope! He would bring me the blanket and then lay down so I could cover him up.

Heath, Leah, and Tyler getting all cozy.

After Ricky was done playing in the blankets, he decided to sit in the baby cradle to look at some pictures of Jenna when she was a baby. He was actually rocking in the cradle.

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