Friday, February 19, 2010

My Little Helpers...Let's Vacuum!

The quads are very intrigued by the vacuum cleaner. The get right up in front of it and want to adjust the height setting, or mess with the cord, help push, wined the cord, unplug the vacuum cleaner, etc, etc, etc.. This at times makes the process quite lengthy due to them standing or sitting right in front of where I need to vacuum or grabbing at the cord shaking it. I just tell them what good helpers they are and keep going! Tyler is after the cord.

"Here Mom, you dropped this."

Now Ricky has the give me the attachment that came off too."

Now Heath gets in on sticking the attachment back in its place of the vacuum.

Ricky checking it out again. alot of times when I'm vacuuming, Ricky likes to put his foot on it. Don't know why unless because he know I have to stop until he moves it!

What good little helpers I have. One day when they are older I'll have to show them this to show that they used to think cleaning was fun!

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