Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Jenna's artwork on the Magna Doodle.

It may be a little blurry, but at least I got them all together! Ricky, Tyler, Leah, Heath, and Jenna (and yes, it bothers me that I didn't get them in order!).

Sweets for the Sweet! Kristi gave the quads their Valentine's early on Thursday the 11th since she had to work on Valentine's Day. they got some yummy heart suckers, heart necklaces and new cell phones! Thank goodness we were getting baths that day! Heath testing out his sucker.

Ricky wasted no time getting after it.


"Hold on, I getting a call."

"How do I get this thing off my hand?!"

I got balloons from the local Hico Pharmacy on Saturday for the babies. I couldn't hide them until Sunday!

Ricky heading to higher ground with his balloon.

Heath and Leah with their balloons stopping for a photo op.

Uh, Oh! Ricky let go of his balloon!

Tyler snagged himself 2 balloons and headed under the table to hide!

"What shall I write about? Ahh yes, what a handsome little devil I am!"

Maybe the shirt should only read "Little Devil!"
I can't wait until Easter! I love having little ones on the holidays! Now, Jenna will have a whole crew of her own to hunt with!

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