Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jump!! Jump!!

For Christmas this year, Jenna got a trampoline from Santa Claus. She had loved it an quickly learned how to do a flip! An added bonus-the quads love it too! the love to run around, fall into the net and try to "jump". they are so fun to watch! And yes, it's also a good little quad pen too! Heath in motion behind Leah while Ricky chats it up with Randy.
At first Leah would not even stand up on the trampoline! She would just crawl around on her tummy. then, Jenna finally got her to stand up and walk with her and now she goes non-stop! She's the first one over to it and points to it that she wants in.

The little monster, Tyler, cracks me up when he's "jumping". He really tries to jump!

Ricky loves to run from side to side and fall into the net, or put his face up to it and holler at you. He also tries to jump and likes falling down!

Heath with Mollie after getting some static going on after being on the trampoline. It's too funny when its a good static day and all their hair is on end. They are not too sure about get=ting shocked though!

Jenna in mid flip.

Tyler up close trying to get the camera while Heath is running towards me. Jenna watching in the back.

Leah running around saying "OOOO".

To be so easily entertained!

Jenna caught her! My girls!
Now if I could keep them out of the dirt and sand that's under the trampoline.

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