Monday, September 8, 2008

Update 9-3 to 9-7-08: Great Week!!

Randy's hand on Ricky's chest

Heath Allen with his 1st teddy

Heath and I

Steven Tyler found his ear to play with

Sweet little Leah Grace

OK, so I didn't get this posted any better than the last, but I'll keep trying!! This one will be alot shorter without all the medical jargon. All the babies have done absolutely great the rest of the week! On Wednesday, Dr. Levy decided he would try Ricky on the bubble cpap again, but might wait a little longer on Heath. Well we get there Thursday morning at about 10:20 and they had extubated Ricky (taken the tube out), had him off the vent and back on the bubble cpap doing great! And much to our surprise, he decided that Heath was doing good enough to take him off the vent also. So 30 minutes later, he's extubated and on cpap doing great also!! Thank You Lord for ANSWERED PRAYERS!! So Ricky and Heath have been doing awesome on the cpap for the rest of this past week. They do xrays on their lungs and tummy's every other day or every couple of days. They do an xray on their abdomen's to check how much air they have in their stomachs and intestines from the cpap (it's normal for it to cause more air). So after feeds and during the day they hang up their feeding tubes to an open syringe ("to chimney") to help get out excess air. Heath is also getting a little chest therapy from respiratory to help clear out his lungs a little more. They have tolerated the switch so well and maintain great O2 saturation's. Steven Tyler (aka Ty) and Leah are also just trucking right along too. They are both down to 1.5 L/min. on their high humidity nasal cannula's. They keep their O2 sats within range like they need too with occasional drops that they resolve on their own. Everyone is is gaining weight. They add calories to the breastmilk on all the babies. Ty and Leah are also getting extra protein added too. They have all gained for the week too. Heath made it over the 3lb. mark!

As of Sunday, these are their weights:

Ricky Shane: 2lbs 15 oz.

Heath Allen: 3lbs 0.68oz

Steven Tyler: 2lbs. 6.1 oz

Leah Grace: 2lbs. 2 1/2 oz

Last night I got to hold Heath and Leah!! Leah I did kangaroo care which is holding her skin to skin on my chest. The parents get to do this to help keep the babies temps up and for bonding. She is just so tiny!! But felt so good to have her against me and she did wonderful keeping her O2 sats up and not getting stressed out from it. It did her mommy alot of good too. Heath I was able to cradle in my arms due to his cpap lines, so sweet too. Today I hold to get to hold Ricky and do kangaroo care with Ty also. Ricky is the only one I've not been ablt to hold yet, so I hope I get too today.


Shelley said...

Sounds like they are all doing great! Dr Levy saw our triplets some at Harris. He was great.


Bobbie said...


Joyce Marie just let us know about your miracle...S LOL I am so glad to hear they are doing well and do so hope that perhaps you can all make it to the Ellis reunion in 2010!!! WHAT A BATCH OF 2-4 YEAR OLDS THAT WOULD BE!!

I will be sending the site to lots of family that you don't really know yet. My brother's daughter, Lissa, will be having twins in Dec. Lola (sister) had her second grandson in June, and we just found out we have another baby due in it would be wonderful if they could all meet each other in a couple years.

Cousin Bobbie

tammy said...

Hey Tina, my husband Rodney emailed your blog someone at his work had, so I decided to write. First of all let me say CONGRATS,CONGRATS,CONGRATS&
CONGRATS!!! God has blessed you and Randell, you know He wouldn't give you anything that you could NOT handle. He knew he had 4 little angles to send down to earth, so who better to send them to then you guys, yall are the best!!! I am so thankful to hear that the Babies are growing and doing well. I know that God will continue to hold them close and keep them safe, and give them the strenth they need to face the great big world in front of them. May God Bless the both of you now and always, may you too gain the strenght you need to raise all your beautiful babies in this great big challenging(sometimes scary) world we live in.
Say hello to Randell for me,miss you guys very much, we will be sure to come see yall once they are all home and you guys are setted in. Again, God Bless you...The Tenens, Rodney, Tammy,Timothy Christopher& Alexander

tammy said...

I cannot belive I misspelled my own name..The TETENS

ONEIN200MM said...

Congrats!! My husband and I recently gave birth to our identical boy triplets on July 28th. With this addition we have rounded out our family to eight also. We now have six healthy boys and should be very busy for the next several decades : ) I persuaded my husband to try to baby number four and we welcomed Joshua, Sean and Aaron. We haven't found many other families of multiples that more than one other sibling. I hope you and the babies are in good health and we extend our prayers to you until everyone is home safe and sound. I'm not sure where Hico, TX is but we live in Flower Mound. Please send a message if you would every like to exchange notes on raising so many babies at once. Goodluck to you and your family - it is truly a blessing as is our family. - Amy