Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We're getting teeth and on the move!

Another month has flown by me. Every time I think I'm going to get to sit down and post, something else usually fills that little bit of time. That something else is usually one or more kiddos awake during nap, laundry, cleaning, or trying to get something going for supper. So anyway, where did I leave off? Oh yes, nothing since the end of April! I'm a very bad blogger!

The babies have been doing great. We actually didn't really come out of quarantine at the beginning of May since swine flu was lurking. Swine flu also cancelled our reunion at Cook's. Bummer! We hope that they reschedule for sometime this summer. I've been taking the quads for a ride in their stroller after morning nap. Last Thursday the 22nd, we took them with us to the Elementary track and field day. We stayed about an hour and a half since the babies were falling asleep (we went during their morning nap time)and it was staring to get pretty hot. They did good. Ty was the only one who got crabby and needed out of his seat. He had learned the game early. On Memorial Day we got out of the house and went to Nana and Pa's for hamburgers. Today Randy and I took them with us to the Academic awards this morning. Ty once again was the one who got tired of sitting and had to be out for a bit. Randy took them into the hallway and kept them moving which kept everyone happy. Everyone had been eating good for the most part. They are eating a bigger bowl of cereal in the morning, a heaping 1/4 cup with a 4oz tub of fruit in it and milk. At lunch they get their bottle first and are now up to 2 veggies and 1 fruit. We are trying the baby puffs some after that. I'm trying to get them to work on picking up the puffs themselves. Heath is really good at it just can't quite get it out of his hand and into his mouth. Lately no one wants a full bottle when they get up from afternoon nap. They have better things to do than sit still and eat! Here's a run down of each one starting from where I left off last month.

Ricky: First to get a tooth! His first one (left bottom front) finally broke through on April 27th. And then he got his 2nd (right bottom front) on May 11th! All I can say is this boy is wearing me out!! We tried weighing them the Sunday before Mother's Day (5/3) on my mom's digital scales. Ricky came out to 17.8lbs. I need to weigh him again because they boy has got to have packed on some more! He's like a chunk of lead! Toni, a friend of mine with twin boys warned me how different boys were than girls. She wasn't kidding. Ricky is constantly on the move. Mr. Curious. He's not crawling yet but gets to where he needs to go by scooting oh his tummy and pulling himself with his arms or he does a frog jump. He's also nearly sitting up all the way by himself. He'll tripod sit right now. As soon as he finishes his bottle he flips over onto his tummy and them crawls over the boppy to grab some toys. Then he usually takes off towards the kitchen and a lot of times under the computer desk! If he spots the dog he's after her! He's also started pulling up and sitting on his knees some (he's been watching Ty). I never had to worry about Jenna getting into things especially at this age. He doesn't like us being out of his sight either. If he's down on the floor he'll follow you. Ricky also got to take off his cranial band this Tuesday the 26th. He goes back in 2 weeks with Heath for followup pictures but he's pretty much done. His little head looks great and I can't wait to compare the before and after pictures. Oh and he's holding his own bottle, yeah!

Heath is also coming along on his weight. He was 16.6 lbs when we weighed him. This past Tuesday we went for an adjustment of his band and took pictures for comparison. The therapist thinks he may have 4-6 more weeks. His little head is looking great too. He also has 2 teeth now. His first one came in on May 6th on the bottom, right side in the front. His 2nd one started coming through May23rd 9left front bottom). I've only caught Heath up on all fours a couple of times. The boy is quite happy to roll wherever he needs to go. He sits up with assistance really well but not totally on his own yet. He likes standing up and bouncing. He hasn't pulled up onto his knees or up to standing yet, but if you stand him up he'll do it. He's a kicking machine! when he's on his back or tummy, those legs are going 90 to nothin. His silly little grin just cracks us all up. He tucks in his bottom lip, usually sucking on it and then gives you a big ole' smile. His temper still arises every now and then but for the most part he's such a happy baby. Heath-ers is also holding his bottle too, woo hoo! He's gotten to where he likes to untie his bumper pad too and then chew or play with the strings. His bed and Ricky's are back to back so sometimes you'll find them pulling the bumper pad down looking and jabbering at each other. If I could only understand their baby language I would know what they were up too!

Ty is the smallest of the 4 in weight. He weighed about 13lbs but I think he's still 2nd tallest. He's done so much better on the Prevacid for his stomach. He loves to eat fruit and veggies and is even taking his bottles better too. We think he's going to be tall and lanky like his uncle and grandfather on Randy's side. Ty hands down is the monkey of the bunch. He army crawls or some call it commando crawling. Talk about fast! One minute he's on the play pad and the next he's under the feeding table trying to pull the plug covers out of the plugs. He can be a little sneaky too. He was the first to start pulling up on the bouncer seats and then pull up to standing. Yes this makes me very nervous. We had to start taking off the activity bar on the bouncers because he would pull up to it so he could chew on it and then stand up. He has also mastered standing up in his crib but still can't quite figure out how to get down at times. Due to his new trick all the mattresses on their beds were lowered. This boy loves to bounce too! Him and Leah both learned a month or 2 ago how to turn on their aquarium mobiles.He still gnawing on everything but no teeth yet. He's nearly got holding his bottle down. He sometimes gets it tilted a little too high and then it flips out of his mouth.

Little Leah has Tyler beat in the weight department. Her weight was about 14.6lbs if it was right. We had to weigh her 3 times. Bless her heart, her teeth are giving her so much grief and not one has broken through yet. One minute she's happy playing and gnawing. the next she's screaming cause her mouth hurts her so! Leah has been just this past week on the move a lot more. She's started scooting on her belly and pulling herself with her arms more. She also gets up on her hands and needs but cops out and scoots instead. She's decided to start venturing out farther like her brothers and to pull up on the bouncer and her bed to her knees. She's not sitting her totally by herself yet but like the others I don't think it will be much longer. If she's got the boppy around her or you behind her for support, she does great. She could care less about holding her own bottle and doesn't want to eat her veggies. I hope she's not going to end up being a picky veggie eater! She would rather spit it back at you and I mean really spitting it ALL OVER the place! She loves to crawl on her brothers which it seems only Ty doesn't mind. I think they'll be up to no good as they get older. they like to crawl on each other and sit and look and talk to each other. Once again, wish I knew what they were planning because there's alot of giggling going on! The girl also had quite a temper (some say like her mommy). Kristi caught her one day trying to figure out how to get the plug cover off the plug. she would stop and scream at it because she couldn't get it off! She at times doesn't want to drink her bottle and then the fight is on. Never know who's going to win that battle. But then she flashes you one of those huge grins and gives you a giggle. Who can stay mad at that?

I can't believe their 9 months old! Their first birthday is right around the corner! I've got to get into the planning stage so it doesn't sneak up on me! Any ideas for theme, let me know.

I would like to brag on Jenna and Ashley next. Jenna stayed on the A honor roll for the entire year. She got the good writer award for her class and was named as one of the Citizen's of the Year for first grade! Ashley also received an award for 7th grade math and another one in athletics. She was also named one of the Citizen's of the Year for 7th grade. Both girls have gotten this 2 years in a row! We are so very proud!! Jenna is busy playing coach pitch softball and Ashley just finished up spring league basketball. Jenna is in countdown mode for Disney World. She 's going with Kristi, Brad, and Mollie on June 11th. Ashley heads to youth camp the beginning of that week and then later this summer has cheer camp.

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Shelley said...

Boys are sooo different I am also finding out. Racheal never got into anything either & now because of the boys I have gates all over the place! Glad to hear everyone is doing great!