Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas at Granny's

The day after Christmas we got together with my Mom's side. We don't get to see my aunt Barbara, Uncle Bud and their son Cody and his family (Christy, Clayton, Colton, ans Cassidy) very ofter since they live in Eldorado. We love being with them any chance we get even if it's only for a few hours!
Cassidy and Jenna playing around being silly.

Family at the table. We've have too many wonderful meals at this table at Granny and PePaw's. But best of all so much fun just sitting around talking and laughing. The stories that have been told! Starting at the back left is CM (Charlene Margaret), my Great Aunt Charlene's granddaughter, my mom-Janie, next is Lloyd Wayne, Charlene's son, and then Charlene. That's Heath talking it up with June Marie, one of Charlene's grandaughter's.

Now the other side of the table. Kay with Heath, Kyla( Kay and Chas's daughter) talking to Gloria, Lloyd Wayne's wife, my sister Kristi, Granny, and Richard, Charlene's grandson.

Mollie, Uncle Bud stuck back to Granny's bedroom so they could talk horses without distraction. Colton listens intently to Mollie's story.

The boys watching some football. Far left is Chuck, Charlene's son, my hubby Randy, and my brother in law, Brad. Little football, little nappy nappy.

Chas keeping an eye on the little wildthing, Leah, with Cassidy playing her new nintendo dsi.

Colton holding Leah, Tyler checking out Cassidy's game, and Charla (Chas and Kay's oldest daughter).

Sister Kristi with her head turned, Cassidy, Christy (Cody's wife), Cody, and his mom, Barbara (which is my aunt).

Colton is sooo excited about his new blanket! Heath is sooo loving the tissue paper!

Daddy and Ricky.

Leah making sure Colton doesn't forget his new bookmark.

Tyler loving the new Winnie the Pooh book Granny got for them.

Leah decides to snack on the bag while Ricky has snatched some one's book.

Sweet blue eyes!

Leah was trying to be sneaky. She quietly went over to Granny's tree and thought she would check out some of those pretty ornaments. Granny put the baby proof ornaments only on the tree this year.

Heath with the pieces to the Elmo mailbox while Leah chews on her sippy cup.

Caught my Mom smiling! She always hates her picture being taken and this one turned out great!

Mr. Clayton, the oldest of Cody's bunch.

We had a great day with the family. And even better , the quads were in a great mood without getting a afternoon nap! Leah put on quite a show for us all day! Jenna had a blast playing with her cousins. I just wish we had had more time together! Love ya'll!!!

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