Saturday, January 24, 2009

Boys Surgery

Ty and Ricky in their seats in the stroller.

Ricky watching every move the nurse is making.
One of the nurses putting little footies on Ty after she put the pulse oximeter reader on his big toe.

Randy holding Heath while the nurse is banding him.

Ricky in his Cook's t-shirt before surgery.

Ricky 's very interested in what the nurse is telling him.

Heath and Ty arm in arm while they wait their turn.

Ricky is the step down recovery room with his puppy pacie.

Heath after he reached step down recovery.

Ty in recovery. You can still see his "tan" from the prep solution.

Getting us situated upstairs in our room for overnight.

Heath with his bilateral dressings. Look at that double chin!

Ricky and his bilateral dressings. He's happily looking at the puppy on the chelf over his head.

Ty with his right side dressing. He lucked out and had only one hernia.

The boys had their inguinal hernia surgeries Thursday, January 15th. All went well. We nearly got cancelled right after we got there because they had an emergency come in earlier which had bumped everything back. But Dr. Vaughan worked his magic after I reminded him it takes an act of Congress for us to get there and for me to have the help needed. So he pulled some strings and we got it done and even got to start earlier than expected. It was organized chaos as we were getting the babies ready. So many people in such a little room! there was at least 3 nurses doing the paperwork, weighing, banding, and helping change the babies plus the anesthesiologist doing his assessments, and then all of us: myself, Randy, Kristi, Joyce, 3 babies and double stroller plus one more carrier! But it all got done! Ricky and Heath ended up having bilateral inguinal hernias and Ty was only on the right side. They all did great and seemed not to hurt. they were a little fussy upstairs but nothing a little Benedryl couldn't;t cure! Ty seemed to have a little trouble with his throat after surgery, possibly some swelling or irritation from the breathing tube. He had a croupy/barking cough and just acted like his throat hurt, not wanting to eat for a few days. Surgery/anesthesia always affects red heads differently. Might be a myth but I believe it! Ty's started rolling over from tummy to back. Ricky is getting close. We go the 30th to get another round of Synagis shots. The kiddos also like laying under the jungle gym and the bouncer. they get those arms and legs a going! I get cracked up at Heath in the bouncer. He's the only one who gets to kicking hard enough to keep the music and lights a flashing. Ricky will lay in the bed and talk up a storm to the mobile. They are getting stronger, holding their heads up better and pushing up on their arms when on their tummies. I can't wait to see how much they weigh now!

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Brandy said...

I remember that hernia surgery all too well. Cooper had to have his belly button repaired, double hernia, and recircumsized. Poor baby. Luckly, he was the only one of the boys that had to have it, Casen lucked out at the end. I sent you an email.
take care brandy