Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pictures from November, December, & January

Ashley, Heath, and Jenna on Christmas Day.
Ty and hid Daddy. Wish I knew what he was thinking.

I love this hat on Leah

Heath checkin things out.

Ty-Man in the bumbo.

Babies in birth order, just a week over 5months

Ricky and Leah

Heath thinks the frog is pretty hilarious.

And she's out!

Sweet big sister!

Leah and Heath with me on front porch.





Heath chillin in the bumbo.

Ricky loving the Jungle gym.

Yeah for sleep!

Heath and Leah

Ty gettin busy. I caught a good smile-finally!

Tigger the cat thought this was for him on the front porch.

Love the boppies.

Silly smile-caught her while she was talking.

My cousin Cody with Leah.

Leah throwing a fit.

Cody's wife, Christy and Ricky.

Sassy asleep on Jenna.

Ty being serious. What a look!

My niece Mollie and Ricky.

Ricky on the day of their brain MRI's.

Heath on MRI day.

Leah stretching out after she finished her MRI.

Ty mad because he couldn't eat till right before it was his turn for the MRI.

Uncle Bud with Ricky.

Aunt Barbara with Heath, Jenna with Tyler.

Me with my little crew.

My sweet chunky monkey, Ricky.

Jenna with Leah after her bath.

Jenna lays out their clothes, towels, washrags, and diapers for their baths.

Randy asleep with Ricky.

Jenna at the Christmas Parade of Lights in Hico with her reindeer Sassy.

Leah in the laundry basket.

Jenna with friends Emily and Victoria at their class Christmas party.

Jenna and Emily after the Christmas music program. BFF!

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