Sunday, July 26, 2009

June Picture Overload

Its not a 2 seater!

Jenna with Pluto and Goofy at Magic Kingdom

Jenna and Mollie checking out some 80's hair at Hollywood Studios after they had ridden the Aerosmith Rock'n Roller coaster. I got the coffee mug for my souvenir!

Jenna and Mollie on the plane. I have no idea why the picture is this small!!

The kiddos were fascinated with climbing on the baker's rack and playing with the toaster oven (yes, its unplugged). The toaster oven has now been moved up higher, but they still crawl on the bottom.

Ty and Leah would rather pull up on the jumper instead of sit in it.

Leah taking a ride in the laundry basket.

This picture cracks me up. Heath's feet /legs are in the air. he was perched on the edge of the bouncer.

My little sweeties!

Ty having some cheerios with Dad.

Heath splashing in the kiddie pool with Ty's hiney shining!

My silly girl.

Another face that just makes us laugh. We tell Ricky to show us his teeth and he squints his eyes and grins big!

Little grampa inching his way to standing up in the pool.

Little stuck there girl?

I could use a little help here, again.

Miss Photogenic

Pose for the camera!

I'll just take a little bite...

Ty decided my lap was better than the water that day.

I'm just going to dunk my ducky, he won't mind.

Ty says get me out of here! Heath is sympathy crying in the back.

Hico Bling coach pitch softball team. Proud of ya girls!!

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