Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Old Settler's Reunion Parade

The quads did great at the parade on thursday July 23rd. We walked down the hill from our house to main street. We had to stop a few times to say hello and so people could see the quads. They did great through the parade. The sirens on the fire trucks and ambulance didn't bother them a bit! Everyone kept telling us we should have been in the parade, but I was afraid it was going to be too hot. I told people we were the preliminary parade. We were just getting them warmed up for the real thing! So maybe next year we'll join the line up...The McLean Train! Emily and Jenna lining up for the parade.
Faith and Ashley on the Jr. High Cheer/Football float.

Leah wondering what's going on.

Heath chillin with Nana.

Ty giving a closeup.

Jenna and Emily zipping by. They would barely slow down for a picture!

Ricky is ready to roll!

Parade is over and ready for the trek back up the hill. Time for bottles and bed!

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