Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Days: February 4, 2011

Sorry I have been MIA for so long on the blog! I promise to be more diligent in posting! I plan to try, try, try, to back track on the end of 2010. Here's pictures of the kiddos playing in the snow last week. They weren't sure what to think of it at first, but enjoyed playing in it for a bit. Heath Allen all bundled up and checking it out.

Leah and Ricky were raking the snow off the steps. Heath in the blue coat, not sure what to think about it stuck to his gloves.

Leah likes it! Tyler in the red coat in the back not sure what to make of it.

Jenna trying to start a ball for a snow man. Ricky following along behind her.

Ricky really loved it...until he fell down on the trampoline ans couldn't get back up. That has his little hands got cold and wet! Then it was time to go in!

Tyler walked all over that yard! After we got in the house, I was hanging up there coats and found a ball of snow in his pockets.

Not sure about it stuck on his gloves.

"I got snow."

Heath trying to help with the snow ball too.

Those sweet cheeks were getting cold!

Jenna making a snow angel.

Leah wondering what the heck Jenna is doing.

Tyler still walking. He would say, "I walk in snow."

The snow angel.

Leah and her little red nose and cheeks.

Jenna showing me some of the big junks of ice/snow.

Heath found himself and junk of ice too.

Ricky pushing the jeep in the snow.

Little video of the kids.

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