Monday, September 7, 2009

1st Day of School

Jenna Beth, My 2nd Grader! Jenna started back to school on 8-24. she's now a big old 2nd grader! She really wasn't ready to go back until we went to meet the teacher night and were able to bring her supplies, see her desk and new room. Her teacher is Mrs DuBose, a familiar face from church. Jenna was happy that she was in her class. This year 2nd grade is actually departmentalized. Each of the 3 2nd grade teachers will be teaching a subject; math, science/social studies, reading/language arts. All three teachers are very sweet and everyone seems to like the idea of switching it up. All has gone well the first 2 weeks. Ashley is busy running cross country and cheerleading. The Jr. High's first game is this week, Sept. 10th. Our schedules are filling up again!

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