Friday, September 4, 2009

Don't be Late, it's Time to Celebrate!!

This was their birthday invitation that I made for the quads. You'll have to excuse near the end, I was running out of ink! I made chocolate cake and cupcakes and then bought sugar cookies for anyone who may not have liked chocolate cake! Yes, I decorated the cake. I was very happy with the way it turned out.

Pa and Heath. Heath is still not looking good and awake yet.

Ricky and Aunt Missy. Missy and Wes were in from New Mexico visiting at just the right time!

Leah checking out her future boyfriend. Toni has identical twin boys, Kash and Wyatt and I still can't tell them apart. That's Emily to the right, Jenna's BFF and MoMo holding Leah.

Leah already loving the bling! She's trying on Lisa's necklace and eyeing her earrings. Lisa was one of the babies NICU nurses who we stay in touch with and gets to visit us from time to time. We were so happy that Lisa and her husband, Steve could join us to celebrate.

Lisa made these diaper cakes for each of the babies and put a cute little pair of Converse high tops on each one.

This is Randy's grandmother, GiGi with Heath.

Her we are singing Happy Birthday four times for each of the babies.

Ricky chowing down on cookie #2. They were nearly as messy as the cupcakes.

Tyler with cookie in both hands, he doesn't want to run out.

Heath shoving some in too.

Leah showing us her mouthful of cookie!

Granny cutting up the cake to serve.

I'll have this chewed through in no time!

Tyler crawling up to get a better look.

They all loved the Fisher Price activity tables they received.

This paper doesn't taste as good as I thought.

I'm holding back tears as I look at the onsesies Anna Belew made for the babies. Each one had Miracle 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.. with their name, birth date, and how much they weighed.

Heath playing with one of the toys.

Miss Thang is all smiles today!

We had a wonderful party with our dear family and friends. Thank you to everyone who came and those who couldn't and sent well wishes. Thank you everyone who sent cards, gifts. and diapers! This Mama was glad to see more diapers! The babies were so precious and well behaved for having to get up early from their nap. Thanks again to everyone who has continued to keep us in your prayers!

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