Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We Love Cheetos!!

Cheeto puffs are now loved by the quads. I was trying to find something different to give them for snack one day and said a few Cheetos won't hurt! They were snarfing them down like they hadn't eaten in days! Ricky was working on his yummy Cheetos .

Heath could snarf a Cheeto down by the time I got to Leah to give her one. Gimme more!

Miss Picky loved the Cheetos (of course she did, it wasn't a vegetable)!

Tyler would shove the whole thing in his mouth. Thankfully, no choking.

Heath and Ricky working on their Cheeto puffs.

Leah and Tyler getting cheesy faced too.

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Shelley said...

We have got to get together sometime! I know all of our kids would have a blast. Are you still working? What day of the week is good for you!