Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to You, You, You, and You!

I can't believe the quads first birthday has been here and gone! The year has flown by here in quadville. Sorry its taken over a week to get these posted. the week after their birthday I was a little worn out from the festivities and Jenna started 2nd grade! the 18th was a happy but very emotional day for me. During the day I would just look at them and start crying. I'm truly amazed how far they've come this past year. We are 4ever blessed!! Nana ordered them a mirror with what I call the ballerina bar so they can practice standing while they look at themselves. The bar has also become a very large teether. Its quite entertaining to watch them look at themselves and play in the mirror.

Would ya gimme a minute! I still have to brush my hair!

Randy holding Heath and Tyler, Leah, me and Ricky.

Crisha Black made these onesies for the babies first birthday! She always does an awesome job! Thanks again Crisha! Ricky all smiles.

Granny and Heath

I was trying to hold Tyler still long enough for a picture.

Princess Leah. Her crown didn't stay on long. The boys thought they needed to help remove and eat it.

On their birthday, we did a mini party so they could have their cupcakes and open presents from us.

We got so tickled at Tyler. He was all excited, crawling all over the boxes and presents just a hollering and laughing. he got over in the corner behind them and was happily playing with the bows and ribbons.

Ricky wasn't real sure about all the festivities at first. he finally decided banging on the boxes and eating paper and bows was pretty fun. Leah's watching me play with their piano. Soon as we got it out of the box she was happily playing.

Tyler also enjoyed sitting in the bags with the tissue paper and ribbons!

Since her crown had to be put away we added a little ribbon to her outfit.

Heath wants to help remove the ribbon! Watch it sista, they're after you again!

Heath intently staring at the lion push/ride toy. he hadn't ever seen a lions nose light up and then start roaring and singing!

Hmmm good!

Sweets for the sweet. The girl forgot all manners and dove in!

I think I'll try not to get my hands dirty and just go face first!

Tastes good and squishy in my hands!

I couldn't believe how they demolished their cupcakes! On Jenna's first birthday, she just picked at it a little. These kiddos dove in like I hadn't fed them all day! There was nothing let but crumbs! Stupid me never thought about putting something under their table to catch the mess!

We had very blue boys at the end. It was EVERYWHERE!


Boy, my gut is full now!

What did you say is in my hair?! And on my face, and on my...

They went from the table straight into the bathtub! And after I got them all cleaned up the bath water was a lovely shade of blue with a whole lotta cake in the bottom! We had a great day with the kiddos with the big party still ahead on Saturday.

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